“The perfect dinner” in Saarland

“The Perfect Dinner” It is Thursday Nele in Saarbrucken. Like her competitors Anne, Jan and Janina, she wants to serve the best three-course menu of the Saarland week (December 19-22, 2022). The 38-year-old woman lives with her family above a martial arts studio in Mühlenviertel. she is originally from Sedanshe got a job at the Saarbrücker Zeitung 15 years ago in Saarland.

Nele prepared her participation years ago

Nele planned her participation in “The Perfect Dinner” well in advance. Already Five years ago the journalist has for her campaign partners Sewn Cutlery Basket, in case she attends one day. It finally worked. Besides DIY crafts, Nele likes to do things in her spare time. Sport from jogging to pole dancing. In addition, she has her own room in the spacious apartment with all kinds of things. exercise equipment furnished. Your comrades in arms can then burn off the calories on them.

Thursday’s menu

Nele’s menu reads quite poetically. wolf and devil swim at the start in the field. Relax with the main course beef on spaetzle grass and in the end she dances tipsy pavlova. Flowery descriptions should leave some room for imagination and surprise. It works: the other candidates are busy trying to figure out what will be served.

It quickly becomes apparent that behind the fish appetizer hides. The 38-year-old gets it fresh Saarland Deluxe where he works a few hours a week. However, since Candidate Anne does not like anything that comes from the sea, Ella Nele herself prepares halloumi. After Jan took a little extra time the night before, Thursday’s candidate also made a big dinner out of her dinner. focus on time.

“The bathroom is not far if you need to spit”

At night, after extensive preparation, it works like clockwork. They have just finished the appetizers when the guests already sound. They also don’t have to wait long for the aperitif. However, the gang encountered mixed feelings. Anna remembered that dried arugula more like grass. Despite his annoyance, she also dares to fish. Nele fears the worst: “That Bath is not far either.in case you have to spit.” But it doesn’t go to the extreme. Jan and Janina, on the other hand, liked it. For Friday’s candidate it was even 95 percent perfect.

Fitness and burned fingers

To save the waiting time, Nele takes her competitors to the main course training room. But not all the inhabitants of the Saar turn out to be sporting cannons there. “There Is cheese back?Anne jokes around while hula-hula dancing. Jan tries meanwhile dominated, which is not entirely successful. And things are not going well in the kitchen either. nele burns fingers on the baking sheet, but go on serving bravely. After so much fitness and injuries, the candidates deserve a break. comes in the form of Roast beef and green spaetzle. This is also well received, only the sauce does not inspire enthusiasm. The competition finds it too fluid and not strong enough.

Photo: Chef/The Perfect Dinner

Then Nele finally explains what’s going on. Pavlova has on himself. The meringue and cream dessert is named after a Russian ballerina. Only now does Jan realize that he has already made the dish of a local Saarbrucken knows “The pavlova was better than the restaurant“But he thinks so. Anne, on the other hand, had different expectations. Janina, on the other hand, is excited.

Spoilers beware: How many dots could Nele cook up?

All in all, Nele is satisfied with her evening at the end. “I could be not the best cook, but I am a hostess through and through.” His comrades-in-arms think so too. “The perfect dinner”, however, was unfortunately not the case for Jan with 8 and Anne with 7 points. With Janina, however, the night was close with 9 points. In general, Nele advances 24 points to Anne first. Friday is finally Janina’s turn.

This is how the week has gone so far:

“The Perfect Dinner” in Saarland will be broadcast on VOX from April 19 to 22, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. All episodes are also available to stream on TVNOW after the broadcast. All recipes are available from the Chef.

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