The plans for the Schulzenpark

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Informative visit: Numerous citizens were informed about the future development of the Schulzenpark. © © Andreas Rother

The Schulze-Pelkum district park will become more attractive. What is planned now has been presented at the Pelkum Citizens’ Hall. All age groups can look forward to it.

Pelkum: Employees of the landscape architecture office “Planergruppe Oberhausen” presented the plans for the further development of the Schulze-Pelkum district park. Several citizens also contributed their suggestions and ideas in May, ideas that were partially considered in the plan. Before the project was discussed in three tables, Bianca Porath from the planning group presented the individual points of the project. “We want to develop the park from the existing stock.”

skater place: According to the idea, it could be optimized and expanded to include something for children and seats. vegetable plot: The existing path should be preserved and replaced with steps. football field: Here is the wish of many users that the place is weather resistant, that is, fortified. The planners also took this into account.

Schulzenpark: Mikado poles for climbing fun

playground: Existing offerings will be complemented, including a bird’s nest swing and large Mikado climbing poles. In addition, willow teepees and small hills will be created with various climbing options, including an inclined ramp, and a slide. tickets: They should be clearly highlighted. For the west and east entrances, the planners envision a Dibond plaque with the inscription “Schulzenpark” based on the mining artwork in front of the office building. In general, both entrances need to be made more attractive, says Porath. Therefore, the dixi bath in the scene gathering place needs to be moved and installed directly in the pavilion.

streetball field: Here, planners also have a fortification and other facilities in mind, such as outdoor fitness equipment, a petanque court, and an area for yoga and gymnastics. picnic area: The area to the east of the playground is going to be redesigned. It is the wish of many citizens to create an opportunity for a picnic in the Schulzenpark. The area must be designed in such a way that it can also be used by wheelchair users.

Schulzenpark: the meeting point of the scene must remain

scene meeting: You should stay. Planners suggest fastening with grass pavers and laying the dixi toilet: Pond: Here planners suggest replacing the existing fence with sandstone blocks. Sit: Older users have also been considered. The objective is to increase the number of benches along the circular route and in the areas where people pass. green areas: Flower beds will be placed in various places in the district park.

More ideas: At the tables, citizens were able to express more ideas for the design of the district park to the planners. They will be reviewed and, if necessary, incorporated into the final plan. Among other things, a water park, a barefoot path, a Kneipp pool, a shelter and a graffiti wall in the skate park area, a grass bed, access from the north, more benches, bike racks and a sun station. for the electric bikes, the use of rainwater from the roof of the neighboring business was suggested, a central reference to the historic farm, an area for large chessboards or chessboards on the tables, a machine with bags for waste of dogs and additional lighting. Cooperation with nurseries is conceivable for the care/use of the orchard meadow.

The city expects grants for urban development. The application has been submitted and the state will decide on the award in the spring of 2023. A construction start in late 2023/early 2024 would be possible

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