The seca TRU sets standards in terms of validation

Validation, what is it?

If BIA manufacturer of validation talking is one thing adjustment meant, who proves that the Datathat the BIA supplies to the get as close to reality as possible. To do this, the measurement results are compared with other methods that are used to body composition can be determined. For him There are different comparison methods for fat mass, muscle mass and water.

Why is this necessary?

the BIA calculates the desired parameters from the body resistances.. So fat and muscle are not measured directly, but rather using formulas calculated. In order to calibrate these formulas as precisely as possible and to demonstrate their validity, validation studies are being carried out, or at least should be carried out.

And what about non-validated BIA devices?

In the specialized literature on the subject of BIA, you will find a number of different calculation formulas that any manufacturer can use as starting material. It is unclear how accurate they are, what they are based on and whether they take into account the specific measurement technology of the respective device. Unvalidated BIA devices are therefore a black boxthe Results deliver, whose validity and usability remain unclear.

What is the gold standard?

There is a different gold standard for measuring fat, muscle, and water. Of gold standard – the most accurate method – to determine muscle mass is this whole body MRI (Walowski et al., 2020).

the gold standard is no protected termsmany manufacturers designate DXA as the gold standard for validation of muscle mass. This procedure is based on two-dimensional radiographs Y it is inexpensive and requires less labor than 3D determination with MRI.

How do I find the right BIA device?

The subject of BIA validation is dry and not always easy to understand, but it is worth it When selecting a device, pay close attention to what the actual basis of the measurement results is.

A The seca TRU is a particularly positive example of a medically validated comprehensive BIA solution from one of the world market leaders in medical weighing and measurement.

seca TRU: sets standards in terms of validation

The dry TRU became validated at the highest level in international cooperation with clinics and researchers. All validation studies are published in peer-reviewed journals status and available online.

That is all seca TRU is the first choice for all those who want to take their training to a new level with medical precision. want.

dry deals free online product demos with detailed advice on seca TRU, BIA technology, application, amortization, financing and service offers.

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