The team still has these construction sites.

Rostock.The landscape had a certain symbolic power. Craftsmen worked in the lobby of the Ostseestadion on Wednesday to get the stadium into shape for the coming season. New floors, new furniture, new paint: the interior of the Hansa Stadium should also meet the high demands of the second division.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

Like the Rostock team, which has resumed training after a good three weeks of vacation. Three days of performance diagnostics are on the program for professionals up to and including Friday. Also included: five newcomers. The template is not yet complete.

The talent of the goalkeeper is the fifth debutant

Although the transfers of Kai Pröger (Paderborn), John Patrick Strauss (Aue), Dennis Dressel (1860 Munich) and Nils Körber (Hertha) were already known, Hansa announced the new signing number five at the beginning of the preparation: Max Hagemoser received a contract. as third goalkeeper 2024

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

The 1.90m tall man trained at the Hansa youth academy, meanwhile playing for RB Leipzig and most recently for 1. FC Köln’s U19s in the A-Junior Bundesliga West. “I am very happy to be back home and extremely proud to have been able to sign my first professional contract with my home club,” said the 19-year-old.

Three professionals are missing at the beginning of the preparation

“From Monday things will get very serious with the work in the field. The first impression is good, the guys are full of energy,” said Jens Härtel, who started with a total of 23 players. Including the three Under-19 kickers Theo Martens, Felix Ruschke and Benno Dietze. “If you’ve been out in private for three weeks, you’re happy to see the other guys again and you’re excited to see what’s new,” said the coach, noting “a very good atmosphere” in the team. Haris Duljevic, who travels with the national team from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ryan Malone (ill) and Maurice Litka (rehabilitation training in Hamburg) are not yet in the squad.

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After placing 13th in the promotion campaign, the coach does not expect miracles from his team in the new season. “We must remain humble. Once you get through the first year, the second will be even more difficult. We have to make sure we stay away from the bottom three places,” warns Härtel. “We want to take small steps forward, so we have to improve in many small areas.”

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

New opportunity for Munsy and Meißner?

That goes for players as well, especially those who didn’t live up to expectations last season. Forward Ridge Munsy and center back Thomas Meissner have current contracts but are considered potential forwards. If they want to play a bigger role in the future, more of them have to come. Haertel is ready to hit the “reset button”. “It’s up to the guys. It’s not like we’re saying the door is completely closed,” the coach explains. Because it’s “you can’t rule out someone getting a real boost on the second try. With John (Verhoek) we also had to wait.” a long time before I worked here.”

Former Captain Hüsing does not return

However, Härtel rules out the return of former captain and head of defense Oliver Hüsing (“He’s not quite in our league, there are some other clubs playing there”), as well as players Luca Horn, Oliver Daedlow, Michel Ulrich and Gian Luca. , recently loaned out Despite valid contracts, Schulz will no longer play for the second division team. “The jump to the 2nd division is too high for everyone.”

The 53-year-old is relieved by the fact that the Hansa team is not complete at the start. “I’m relatively calm. We kept all the players who made the vast majority of the games. So I don’t see any absolute pressure to act. If we have the opportunity to improve, we will always keep our eyes and ears open.”

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

Aside from a handful of players, the interior of the Ostseestadion is new to Hansa for the reboot, including the players’ booths and coaches’ lounges. “Everything turned a little bit backwards and it has become very elegant,” said Jens Härtel in his first appearance in the press room. That is also new.

By Sönke Fröbe

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