The vibrating table sets a fitness trend: How to train your muscles

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Vibration table: This is how you strengthen your muscles effectively

vibrating table strength training

Body parts can be specifically trained with the vibration board.

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It sounds too good to be true: vibrating plates promise a large number of users with little effort. But can shaking and shaking really help those unwanted love handles go away?

Numerous studies have shown that vibration training has a positive effect on the body: In the medical sector, so-called power plates have long been used as training and relaxation devices to treat physical ailments such as fluid retention, weakness muscle, incontinence, osteoporosis or obesity. For private use, vibration tables have only been available for purchase since 1996; alternatively, the devices can also be found in many fitness studios. There they are promoted as fat burners designed to lose weight faster and reduce cellulite. But is that really the case? After all, a vibrating platform can help build muscle.

What is a vibration table suitable for?

In fact, there’s actually no study showing that a shake table can make dents in your skin go away. You also can’t trust the promise of faster weight loss with a ten-minute workout. But now comes the good news: from a medical point of view, they offer vibrating base plate Definitely an added value: with targeted training you can improve your posture, promote blood circulation, strengthen your back and build your muscles. On the other hand, the vibration table should not be used to increase your condition, for example if you want to train for a marathon. There are much better methods you can use to increase your long-term fitness and endurance.

The device is primarily used to activate muscles deep within the body. This is possible thanks to several exercises that you can do standing or squatting, depending on which leaf Depending on your choice, the oscillations caused by the vibrations go horizontally or vertically through your legs towards the body and thus reach the deepest regions. For comparison: you can usually only train 60 percent of your muscles specifically, the rest is only reached by vibrations. And that, in turn, ensures that muscle building is continually supported, as your body counteracts the tremors. And the fact is that the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn. This may not initially be reflected in weight, as muscle mass is heavier than fat mass. Over time, however, effective training can help you define your body and lose weight at the same time.

How to use the vibration table correctly

To train individual muscles specifically, a good and secure footing on the vibration board is crucial. Be sure to start with light vibrations so your body can get used to the vibrations; never underestimate the power of the puck. The legs should never be completely straight during training, but should be slightly bent. While standing, shift your body weight onto the balls of your feet to prevent vibrations from going directly to your head and possibly causing strain pain. It is just as important during the exercises that the head, stomach and chest do not touch the vibrating platform. Repeat your training a maximum of two or three days a week and ideally just increase the intensity of the vibration gradually.

In the following video, Detlef Soost and Kate Hall show you how to use the vibration table effectively in just ten minutes:

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You need to know this before buying

It is important for beginners with little muscle to know that their body cannot really absorb vibrational forces well. As a result, there is a risk of cartilage or internal organ damage. It is even more important that you have sufficient muscle mass before the first application. vibration board use. As it is always said that regular training can help fight cellulite, you should know it beforehand: exercises can help tighten the tissue and thus prevent dents from spreading, but they are not a miracle cure against orange peel skin. Consider using a vibrating platform just as a useful addition to your normal exercise program.

Are there different vibration boards?

The classic vibration board consists of a simple plate with several motors installed inside it that activate the vibrations. The size is manageable, so you can easily store your device anywhere. There are already cheap models from 100 euros, there are actually no upper limits. The only drawback: you can’t do any exercises on the board that require you to hold on to something. This can limit you at times.

There are also vibration boards. with a pillarthat you can hold on to Significantly more expensive to buy, the models start at around 250 euros, the devices have a more powerful motor so that the board can be used for even more different exercises. A big disadvantage of this sports equipment is clearly that it takes up much more space than a vibration board without a column. But you can also train more effectively and burn more fat.

This is why (more) exercise is so healthy

It is not without reason that the saying goes: “Whoever rests, rusts.” In fact, our muscles release hormone-like messenger substances as soon as they start moving. These so-called myokines (from the Greek “mys” for muscle and “kinema” for movement) have an effect on the body and are said to be able to protect us from diseases such as type II diabetes. In addition, they have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, metabolism and vascular walls. On the contrary, this means for you: the more you move in everyday life, the healthier you stay. A vibration board therefore, it can essentially contribute to moving the muscles even more and promoting the release of messenger substances. Of course, there is still no guarantee that buying a vibration platform will keep you healthy.

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