These 3 mistakes you make when warming up in the gym

you’re thinking about heatingwhen do you go to the gym? I honestly don’t. Which is also because my gym is on the fifth floor and I always take the stairs because I don’t know where the elevator is. By the time I reach the top, I feel like I’ve completed the warm-up routine. If your gym isn’t in a high-rise building, here’s how to properly warm up and what mistakes you should definitely avoid.

Warm-up: you should know that

This is why warming up is so important.

Especially if you do strength training, that is, you want to train your muscles, you should definitely warm up beforehand. With a short warm-up prepare yourself physically and mentally for the effort ahead and warm your body. Also, your breathing becomes deeper. Nerves and muscles are activated, reaction times are accelerated and coordination is improved. Also, you don’t get tired as fast.

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3 mistakes to avoid when heating

As with the training itself, you can also do a lot with the warm-up. To do bad. These are the 3 most common mistakes:

1. You confuse heating with stretching

Warming up is not the same as stretching, although they are often equated. As the warm-up draws near prepare the body for the stress to come and protect it from injurythe muscles, tendons, and ligaments must stretch during stretching and thus become more flexible.

Therefore, you should definitely take care of your body. First warm up and then stretch. Because whoever begins to stretch runs the risk of suffering small tears in the muscle tissue, which can lead to major injuries during training. Also, the muscles are under less tension after stretching. However, they need this in order to perform.

2. You try too hard in the warm-up

The trick with warming up is to optimally prepare your body for the training that follows, without exhausting yourself too much. If you already give it your all during the warm-up, you will have little energy left during the subsequent training.

To increase performance, you should also lower the weight during the warm-up. increase gradually so that your body gets used to the higher load. But you should not exaggerate.

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3. You always warm up the same way

Depending on what your training goal is, that should also heating program to be adjusted accordingly. A brief warm-up in the form of cardiovascular sport, such as walking or jogging on the treadmill or cycling on the ergometer, is sufficient for a “normal” workout. 10 minutes is completely enough.

For muscles to grow, a specific warm-up is required. It is recommended to do the exercises. with little weight and a high number of repetitions run. This is how your body adapts to the movement and the muscles are optimally prepared for the load. As one study has shown, dynamic exercises like squats and lunges, especially in combination with jumping jacks, it makes sense to warm up before strength training.

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Conclusion: warming up is a must!

The most common mistake when warming up is probably not warming up at all or making it too short. But a short warm-up should be part of every training session. especially that This minimizes the risk of injury.. You’re also doing your cardiovascular system a lot of good if you’re not doing a cold start, but getting your body up to speed slowly.

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