This is why you should always eat an apple when you drink water

Water is vital for us humans. After all, if you don’t drink water, you could become dehydrated, tired, have headaches and moodiness, and also damage your immune system in the process. Although Drinking water The obvious answer seems to be to avoid all of this, says a TikToker that most people consume fluids incorrectly. You can find out what this is all about here.

Is it enough to drink water when you are dehydrated?

According to water sommelier Martin Riese, there is no point in drinking several liters of water to stay hydrated. He describes this with an example from the US, because, Americans, on average, drink more water than we domore precisely about 3.8 liters per day, as in the magazine live strong Has been reported. On the other hand, only one in five Germans manages to cover the recommended drinking amount of 1.5 to 2.5 liters with tap water.

Water is not just water!

However, drinking plain water does not help hydrate the body. “Perfect hydration means consuming water plus electrolytes‘ he explained in his video, and that makes sense too! Essentially, our body needs electrolytes in the water to bring food into the cell and remove waste from the cell. Therefore, Riese is not a fan of filtered tap water. Riese recommends spring water or mineral water, as these are said to contain more electrolytes.

Also, he says that water combined with an apple, for example, is better because the apple contains electrolytes. This means: Drinking water and fruit are the solution!

Check out Riese’s TikTok video here, where she breaks it down for you.

That’s what a certified nutritionist says

In an interview with the magazine well+well Certified nutritionist Francesca Alfano has claimed that Electrolytes are important for the body’s fluid absorption and are a key component for proper hydration. She also agrees with Riese that our bodies need electrolytes to stay hydrated.

Healthy eating: 7 tips to make it work

But there’s also the issue of being proactive about adding electrolytes to the water you drink. Especially if you don’t always drink mineral or spring water. “Electrolytes are found in many fruits and vegetables and in the foods that many people eat every day.. This includes, for example Spinach, avocado, yogurt and bananasshe adds. Generally speaking, if you’re drinking enough water and eating a balanced diet, Alfano says you’re probably already doing enough to maintain a healthy electrolyte balance.

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