This speaks of a medical self-pay area

After completing a therapeutic treatment in the physiotherapy practice, self-financed additional medical-health training in the area offers many advantages for patients and clients as well as for therapists. These psychological, medical, training-scientific and economic aspects must play a role in decision-making and implementation, as they offer many possibilities for the individual conceptual design of an area of ​​complementary training to therapy. In an interview, the CEOs of sportsmed-saar explain how successful an investment in healthcare training can be.

Optimizing the transition from therapy to training: tips for physical practices

In the case of a musculoskeletal injury or illness, therapeutic measures show the way to recovery and usually lead to successful treatment.

But unfortunately place Both Shortage of skills in physical therapy practices just like him limited dimming options by doctors in therapeutic work personal, financial, and time constraints.

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For one Long-term success would generally be more focused on health training. Also I know in all guidelines for the treatment of musculoskeletal complaints exercise therapy is recommended.

Competence, confidence and personal commitment

Between Patients and therapists over a certain period of time, a relationship of trust and a personal bond has already been developed through coping with an injury or illness, which contributes decisively to recovery.

Experts assume that between 50 to 70 percent of the success of therapy depends on the relationship between patient and therapist. That mutual trust supports the rehabilitation process positive and offers Starting points for the transition to health medical training.

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Based on Exhaustive analysis and in the course of treatment the therapist already has exhaustive knowledge on the health status of the patient.

paired with the therapeutic knowledge this allows him: she Creation of individual training plans.that go far beyond a “standard program”. Already exercises learned in therapy can in later Health training deepened and developed will be.

Build on an existing trust relationship

Patients do not have to re-explain their health status to a stranger, as happens when they go to a gym. misunderstandings will be locked and success is promoted because the patient and therapist build on an existing relationship of trust.

During the Pandemic has shown how valuable these relationships of trust are: The physiotherapy network Physio Aktiv conducted a survey among physiotherapy practices with a training area Significantly lower member churn rate compared to the fitness industry Celebration.

Physiotherapy practices as safe places

In numbers, they were just 15.9 percent membership losses in the last two years compared to 20.5 percent in gyms (Wisner, 2021).

This shows that physical therapy practices are considered safe places for a medically supervised training with appropriate hygiene concept were perceived, resulting in a increased customer loyalty turned out.

rehabilitation and training areas

Physiotherapists could do it faster than gyms in the areas of rehabilitation and training return to normal operation and his patients quickly felt safe again due to the high hygiene standards.

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From East A medical training program also benefits from a long-term trust bond in the same house.

Increased health awareness

Of the The need for therapy and fitness has changed.. The pandemic has that awareness in the population for it highlighted the importance of physical fitness for well-being and prevention are. Many people are willing in your health for invest.

Simultaneously civilization diseases such as osteoarthritis, back pain, obesity, diabetes and mental illness are increasing and ours society ages.

Customized training concepts

Also for elderly peoplewho can have reservations about entering a gym health medical training one low threshold solution.

Medical fitness providers can do both Health training as a preventive measure would be under qualified guidance position as well as offer tailor-made training concepts and thus your company additional economic pillar place.

Market analysis and customer needs.

If you are thinking of expanding the company, you should study the current market challenges and the customer needs deal with.

This includes ia answering the following questions: Which added value/benefit we want to offer our customers? How can we our strengths as a team contribute? Offers the Local market the opportunity for extra income? Is the team motivated and ready for the new challenges?

target group needs

it is also very important See through the “client: inside the glasses”: How do we stand out? with our concept of competition? Who is our target group, what are their needs and what “adjustments” do we have to make to use synergies and to inspire you all (Rolli, 2021)?

Circuit, EMS training, BIA measurements

physical therapy practices can next to her comprehensive health experience with a Medically Oriented Autopayers – Indoors (for example, with a circle, EMS training, BIA measurements) and/or with personal training score with customers, give them new Offer added value and link them to the company in the long term (Tetzlaff, 2020).

The more individual the concept adapts to the location, the clientele and your own skills, the greater the chances of success.

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Our experts

At sportsmed-saar, physiotherapy practice, sports physiotherapy and outpatient rehabilitation at the Olympic base Saarbrücken, diagnosis, therapy and training for fourteen years linked very successfully. Numerous elite athletes train here.

In a double interview, they explain CEO Oliver Muelbredtqualified sports teacher with a focus on rehabilitation, and dirk worldphysiotherapist who Advantages of its interdisciplinary cooperation, intensive exchange and holistic view of patients and clients..

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Excerpt from the bibliography

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For a complete bibliography, please contact [email protected]


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