Tim Gabel invests more than a million euros in a fitness application?

Despite his young age, Tim Gabel is a base the german fitness scene.

Anyone who has been there for a long time and has already followed fitness YouTube in 2013 or 2014 is in Tim Gabel, Karl Ess, Patrick Reiser & Co. I do not pass.

At that time there are many videos emerged that still exist today cult character own self.

But then in 2015 there was that big Bang. Tim Fork Y Inscope21 separated from their former business partners and sponsors. They started making one own way hit with new partners Y own company.

Seven years later is the first fitness model a entrepreneur become who, among other things, the OLAKALA clothing brand founded and also very successful podcast Hosts.

That he 27 years has greatly expanded its horizons from the beginning, as can be seen in the content of your YouTube videos and especially the podcast.

It’s no longer about how to get one as fast as possible big biceps either brutal back builds up. Instead, Tim likes to talk about neuroscience and another scientific Subjects.

one of his podcast regulars is the former billionaire and stock market giant Florian Hom. Also the German headline Finance Minister Christian Lindner Y Tech investor Frank Thelen took the time to chat “Inside the Brains”.

Instagram: Tim Gabel regularly welcomes prominent guests on his podcast
Tim Gabel regularly hosts prominent guests on his podcast (here Finance Minister Christian Lindner)

This is how Tim Gabel kept his muscles!

the walk away from the gym it was for you not a conscious decision. Due to a intractable back injury he was unable to train properly for years. According to his own statements, even hardly sit down for two years can and would be the only sports activities Stretch, walk and swim condition.

Given these circumstances, your today’s form yet very impressive. In a recent video, she explained Stuttgarter based on various studies, how to stay despite training breaks hold muscles could.

For young adults up to 35 years old loss of strength insignificant in a month without training since minimum would do.

But after this month the process would start and the muscle loss increase rapidly.

admit it though highly trained peopleas it happened with him before the injury difference. anterior muscle building leave cell nucleiwhat is the cellular infrastructure for faster rebuild would represent.

For younger people enough a ninth of the previous volume for example With body weight exercises handsome towards one eight month period to maintain muscles.

Is Tim Gabel betting his existence on an app?

At the end of the video, Tim walked into his new company.

in the October should one complete fitness app goes to market, where it comes with a equipment consisting of Sports scientists, physical therapists, doctors and physical trainers for 1.5 years to have.

According to his own statements, he spent a lot of money on the project and took a lot of risks:

“All I can tell you is that I put in over a million euros of my own money. I don’t have much more. I bet my life on it and I’m telling you, it will be worth it. […] There is nothing like this in this world yet.”

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