Tom Cruise reveals his fitness secrets in Top Gun 2

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Tom Cruise: His Fitness Secrets in Top Gun 2

Tom Cruise Presents ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ at Cannes

Tom Cruise Presents ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ at Cannes

American actor Tom Cruise, who had his breakthrough in the 1980s with the movie “Top Gun”, was present at the presentation of the movie “Top Gun: Maverick” at the Cannes film festival in South from France. The film runs out of competition there.

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Tom Cruise will soon be 60 years old, but the movie star continues to impress with his youthful appearance. These are his beauty secrets.

Sedan. As Kelly McGillis in “topgun” his beloved plays, needs to talk, pulls tom cruise his motorcycle and chokes them with the rattle. “I can’t hear you,” he yells at her, and runs off. It was 1986 and nobody was talking about “toxic masculinity”.

Cruise fit the ideal image of a daredevil then: with his angular face and sporty look, but not unnaturally muscular. BodyCorrect the “All American Boy” looked like the captain of the college football team. His face and winning smile showed ambition, self-control and a hint of calculation.

On July 3, he will turn 60, and Tom Cruise will provide the sequel to “Top Gun” worldwide. “Dissidentbefore. He’s still more Sonnyboy than seniorCorrect. His face has been enriched with some inoffensive lines, but he hasn’t lost any of his defined contours. Her hair is thick and brown. Her body: stringy as ever.

Tom Cruise eats 15 small meals a day

that the whole yesmelodies do it yourself, sounds believable with it. How does he manage to look so fit? “Kayaking, caving, fencing, treadmill, weights, rock climbing, hiking, jogging. I do so many different things,” he told reporters at a premiere.

Cruise swears by the calls low impact training: Instead of lifting heavy weights, work with a lower but more durable load. The body is constantly exposed to new stimuli: one day walking in the hills is on the program, the next day exercises with bands.

The risk of injury is low, an important point, especially for the older vintages and especially for Cruise, who has to fulfill contracts worth millions. This is another reason why he avoids stunts. It keeps the exercises simple and therefore low threshold. Rest two days a week. This method has been perfected by PWesley Okerson personal trainer (43).

Tom Cruise’s personal trainer is now training Jeff Bezos

She started working full time for Cruise in 2007 and accompanied him to Berlin for half a year when he was filming. It is unknown if Okerson remains personally responsible for Cruise’s physical condition. He is currently training mostly billionaire muscle. Jeff Bezos (58) and acts in the Netflix series “Strong”.

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Cruise received important nutrition advice from his friend David Beckham (47). During a movie shoot in 2018, he ordered 15 small meals a day, mainly fish, grilled vegetables, chicken, and fruits and nuts for snacks.

Whey protein is used as a dietary supplement. carbohydrates he avoids. If you want to lose weight, reduce your calorie intake to 1200 per day. Exceptions: none.

Cosmetic surgeries: blasphemed colleague

So what role does a beauty doctor play in Cruise’s appearance? “I would never get facial surgery,” she told Playboy in 2012. fellow actor Cuba Gooding Jr. (54), on the other hand, chatted in a talkshow to surprise Cruise at home once.

The movie star had suspicious injuries to his face and said: “I wasn’t prepared to visit him.” “I can see that,” Gooding Jr. says he responded. By the way, his career didn’t take a good turn after the blasphemous interview.

Tom Cruise learned from mistakes

In 2016, at the Bafta Awards, Cruise appeared with a noticeably rounded face. Many suspected that he was going overboard with collagen fillers. The action hero was derided as a “hamster in a tuxedo.” Now his face is square again. The dermatologist and specialist in cosmetic surgery afshin fatemi outside DDusseldorf Currently he only performs light aesthetic treatments:

“The so-called HIFU facelift uses ultrasound to stimulate collagen production and slightly tightens the skin. You will probably also benefit from one. laser treatment, which refreshes the skin. His conclusion: “Tom Cruise has learned from his mistakes and only makes small changes. So he looks natural and fresh but not treated.”

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