Top nutrition tips from the queen of fitness

Pamela Reif (25) does not hide the fact that the body of her dreams is thanks to hard work. The influencer regularly provides her more than 8.5 million YouTube followers with videos showcasing the workouts she uses to get her body in shape.

Although the sporty part of the 25-year-old from Karlsruhe is more in the foreground on YouTube, the results of this training can be seen on Instagram. Not surprisingly, Pamela Reif has also gathered 8.5 million followers here, who enjoy the photos of the well-trained blonde. Pamela Reif has now granted an interview to the news agency “spot on news”. And in it she reveals that regular workouts are not her only secret to a stunning appearance. Healthy nutrition is just as important for the influencer.

Varied: this is what Pamela Reif’s diet looks like

To give her fans the chance to eat a balanced diet, the fitness queen has written her own cookbook. “I consciously asked myself what is optimal to provide my body with long-lasting energy and nutrients,” he reports in the interview published on “” and also reveals what needs to be done to strengthen the body’s defenses to get into the right shape “ To strengthen the immune system, a natural, plant-based and varied diet is completely sufficient”, says the influencer. She personally swears by “ginger, lemon, acai, and spirulina,” reveals Pamela Reif, adding, “These foods are full of immune-boosting substances and can give you a strong protective shield. In fact, I also chew slices of pure ginger and very rarely get sick or catch a cold.”

Pamela Reif has banned white flour from the menu

While Pamela Reif is opposed to demonizing “certain food categories,” she has identified two clear exceptions for herself. “Personally, I avoid not only cow’s milk, but also white flour products, because when they are milled they take away almost all the vitamins, minerals and healthy fibers compared to whole grains,” explains the 25-year-old. years.

I also generally wouldn’t eat “ready-to-eat foods with unnecessary added sugar or artificial sweeteners.” “On the one hand, this is not good for your gut bacteria, and on the other hand, I’m not a big fan of high-sugar content in all sorts of dishes,” she explains. Even savory dishes, like tomato soup, are often overly sweetened.

Predominantly vegetarian: this is what Pamela Reif eats

As the influencer explains, she has largely removed fish and meat from the menu. 90 percent of their food is purely vegetable. Only in exceptional cases is a piece of meat or fish prepared, says the 25-year-old and also gives the reasons: “First of all, frequent consumption is not good for our climate, all the fashionable fish species are overexploited without Second, unfortunately, the quality and contamination of animal products are often questionable these days.”

A feast for the eyes: Pamela trusts a beautiful preparation

When Pamela Reif prepares the meals for her cookbook, the seasoned influencer also makes sure the dishes are ‘Instagrammable’, meaning they can be posted on social media at any time. It can happen that it takes more than an hour until the perfect photo of the food is in the can, reveals the 25-year-old, who also knows “that with a nice dish in the restaurant, people often pause before think about it”. the food is amazing.”

On the first date: That’s what Pamela Reif brings to the table

The queen of fitness was open in the interview and did not hide what dish she would serve on an important first date. Actually, she is called the “Queen of Porridge”. “But I would probably also feel safe with a colorful quinoa salad and banana cake for dessert. I certainly wouldn’t want to be too experimental on a date,” reveals Pamela Reif.

Practical tips for everyday life from Pamela Reif

In short, it can be said that Pamela Reif’s advice is easy to implement in your own daily life.

  • In addition to regular training, we should focus on a balanced diet and largely avoid low-nutrient white flour products. Whether milk is on the menu is up to us, Pamela Reif decided against it.
  • The finished products, which in many cases contain not only too much sugar but also other additives, should be completely removed if possible. We prefer to lean on foods that strengthen the immune system, such as ginger, lemon, acai and spirulina.

Pamela Reif’s advice is not only easy to implement, but also has a significant psychological effect. If we not only eat our meals mindlessly, but eat mindfully, we automatically do a lot for our bodies, even if we eat more meat and fish than the athletic blonde.


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