Treasure Hunt: Splendor

Manheim. “In Splendor, players embody wealthy Renaissance merchants. They use their wealth to buy mines and transportation, and hire craftsmen to transform rough diamonds into precious jewels.”
AHA. In addition to writing this review and after several Splendor games, I also read the plot of the game. Nice but irrelevant. It’s also abstract and out of historical context, worth playing, as well as visually and haptically successful.

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The gameplay:

The game is also suitable for casual players: the rules are explained on 1.5 Din A-4 pages; and you’re ready to go. According to the rules of the game with the youngest, taking three different gem tiles from the open tiles face up.

While these aren’t as valuable as the gems they’re supposed to represent (emerald, sapphire, ruby, diamond, and onyx), they do feel very valuable, like a heavy roulette wheel or poker chips, and flatter the hand.

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I can have a maximum of ten chips in front of me. So, at the latest, you should take the second possible action – buy a development board with the chips. The cards are arranged in the middle in a three by four grid and, in addition to direct victory points, provide additional virtual gems that are also placed in front of you. With these and other real tokens I can buy higher value cards with more victory points. The tokens are returned to the screen, the cards are permanent gems. So little by little you get more and more gems and you can even buy a ‘free’ card. In the end, it should be enough to take one of the four noble cards that are also shown = In the game text: Visit from a noble and thus gain reputation.

Goal and Victory:

Whoever reaches 15 points (of prestige) first, through cards and nobles, wins. The current round is played to the end. This means that each player gets the same number of turns.

The facts about splendor

Players: 2 – 4

time frame:30 minutes

years: From 10 years

year of publication: 2014

It’s true: Splendor plays a bit of solitaire, and aside from the clicking of the tiles (and everyone does because it’s so nice to play), it’s pretty quiet, perhaps one of the reasons it was voted the game. of the year 2014 against Camel Up. Straw. But the actions are very fast and there is hardly any downtime. So it’s my turn again and again, and in between I have to keep an eye on the actions and therefore the plans of others.
Because it should be noted that someone else picks up the red tokens/cards to buy the development card for seven (red) rubies with all four victory points in front of me. And should I anticipate that someone, or change my tactics/colors.

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The luck factor comes into play when a purchased development card is replaced with a new one, it’s my turn, I can use it, I can pay for it, so does the next player after me, but I’ll go first.

To cushion this, there are gold tokens in addition to the five gem tokens (the name Splend’or must have come from somewhere). I can take these if I can’t or don’t want to take any gems (inappropriate display, empty or exceeded the (hand) limit of ten). And, in particular, I can reserve any card that is on display: in the above scenario, I can take the seven-ruby card from the competition and ‘buy’ it later, that is, place it. The gold token is used as a gemstone token wildcard for this or other purchases.

Ideal for four game purposes, but there are several possibilities:

The description applies to four players. The rules of the game list adaptations for two and three wealthy Renaissance merchants. We’ve also successfully completed it with five players, even if the chips run out a bit.

A game usually lasts around thirty minutes. So there’s still time for one more.

An expansion (requires base game) is available with ‘The Cities of Splendor’.

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