Trie ho da re-i hul ho!

The ligaments and the pelvis must be relaxed. If the vocal chords are not slack, the yodel does not rise clearly and freely towards the sky. So: hum a low tone, gently pound your chest with your hands, let the tone vibrate, and then, that’s not hard, laugh out loud. Because the middle part of the body also has to vibrate.

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“We need a relaxed pelvis,” warns yodling instructor and yoga teacher Johma from Linz, whose full name is Johanna Magdalena Haslinger. They all obediently move their hips; fortunately the valley is deserted. Y: A singer shouldn’t be yelled at -that damages the vocal chords- but he has to come out of his stomach screaming: “The dirtier the better”.

salzburg country

get there

By train via Munich and Salzburg to Bad Gastein,


You sleep in very spacious rooms in the well-equipped (large thermal pool, spa, tennis courts) Hotel Cesta Grand. The double room with half board costs from 210 euros here,

There is a large wellness area at the Hotel Rauscher and Paracelsus in Bad Hofgastein. A double room with half board costs from 120 euros here,


Yoga Spring takes place every year and lasts until June 6. You must register for all events (prices from 15 euros, in some cases you also need a lift ticket). More details:

No visit to the Gastein Valley is complete without bathing in hot springs. The Alpentherme in Bad Hofgastein and the Felsentherme in Bad Gastein offer various swimming pools, thermal lakes, saunas and slides.

eat and drink

The Fulseck Gipflstadl offers sandwiches and delicious Kaiserschmarrn with a fantastic view of the Großglockner. The cabin is located at 2033 meters at the top station of the Fulseck cable car in Dorfgastein.

Herbal oil and vinegar, jams, incense mixtures, as well as infusions and ointments made by the herb and seminar farmer Heidi Huber from the Mühlhof in Bad Hofgastein are available as culinary souvenirs. You can also book herbal cooking courses from her (via Gastein Tourismus).

General information

Gastein Valley Tourism GmbH, UNTIL

A i form low tones, uei are sent upwards. You don’t need text, the consonants and vowels just serve to convey the tones. Here we go, loose hips, stomach and throat. “Trie ho do re-i du jo”, the six Germans and two Austrians who took the Alpine road from Gastein to Sportgastein on the edge of the Hohe Tauern National Park for the Alm-Jodl-Walk this morning.

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Yodeling releases hormones of happiness and gives you energy, Johma had promised. She should know, because in addition to yoga experience, her resume also includes singing lessons, Sami song studies and, of course, yodeling experience. On the contrary, happiness can be well ventilated by singing to the zipline. She herself began to sing spontaneously when she looked down Dorfgastein into the valley on a perfect day: “The emotion had to come out.” Today is also such a day. And so her apprentices are soon happily cheering, “Trie ho da re-i hul jo!” Next to them, a mountain stream merrily ripples, the sky gently arches blue: the landscape almost begs for comments: “Jo-vi, Jo-vi – i diri i – yo-vi, yo-vi, i!”

Soon none of the new singers can imagine greeting a sunny day without a voice, especially one in the mountains.

For the past eight years, possibly Europe’s largest open yoga events have been held in the Gastein Valley with Yoga Autumn in October and Yoga Spring in May. In the fall, the program is more intense in meditation to give participants a mental boost for winter; in spring, which only really begins in the mountains at the end of May, it is more dynamic. There are 400 units to choose from, from forest bathing to hatha yoga and meditation, as well as lectures and workshops. The places are on the peaks, in the forest, in the spa park and in the hotels. For the most part, however, the “places of power” are the focus.

On the Schlossalm yoga platform, under a deep blue sky and with an unobstructed view, you can forget many things: the tiredness of triangle salutations and sun salutations, as well as the icy mountain wind, which suddenly rises below the outer clothing and on the back. when the dog is looking down.

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Long before yoga, gold and silver mines attracted foreigners to the Gastein Valley and the water. The five million liters of water that gushes out every day from 18 thermal springs made Bad Gastein a popular holiday destination from the very beginning. Mozart’s mother spent 95 hours in the Gastein spa in order to have children after two miscarriages; Later guests as diverse as Empress Sisi, Kaiser Wilhelm I, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Thomas and Heinrich Mann treated here.

Due to the inactivity of an investor who bought five historic buildings in Bad Gastein at the turn of the millennium and left them to fall into disrepair, the town had recently developed a morbid flair. Finally an investor was found whose plans were followed by the construction cranes. They must convert the ruins into luxury hotels.

However, yoga fans were not put off by the dilapidated building structure. The waterfall, which rumbles through the town next to the abandoned Hotel Badeschloss, once the preferred address of Kaiser Wilhelm I, and where Sisi used to spend the night, is one of the most popular yoga spots.

They soon meet again; those who yodel in the morning will later find their way to the forest pond in Angertal. Participants will have to intensify the experience of nature at an altitude of 1200 meters. Joma is there too.

She leads the walk together with Stefan Wildling, who works at the tourist office and has been involved with forest bathing for a long time. It’s not about altitude or distance, Stefan explains. “Slow down, rest, slow down: we’ve forgotten all of that,” he says. “Forest bathing is an antidote to stressful, digitized everyday life.”

Immersing yourself in the forest with all your senses immediately increases your feeling of well-being. By a mountain stream, he leads his group into the forest. The sun’s rays fall through the canopy. Forest bathers close their eyes and listen to the sounds of nature. They smell the branches of spruce and touch branches and stones. Johma weaves in some breathing exercises. In a clearing, it is time to approach the forest: everyone is looking for a tree, touching it or leaning on the trunk. Almost worth a Tyrolean.

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