Unpleasant price gouging in the gym: the expensive and cheeky trick of the thrifty year

Pretty unsportsmanlike…

John Reed is the noble Mucki booth of the fitness chain McFit, and now he’s causing a lot of trouble. The reason: an expensive and shameless trick with which the gym wants to push a steep price increase. Members are complaining to the consumer center en masse.

scam on entering

A small sign at the entrance draws attention to the price increase of up to ten euros. Members who go through the turnstile access the increase. If you do not agree, you should contact customer service and object accordingly. If you don’t complain, you automatically accept.

is this legal

Consumer attorney Nicole Mutschke, 46, is outraged, saying plainly, “No! Here, by going through the turnstile, a consensual contract is created through implied action.

But what if a member doesn’t notice the note at the entrance and just walks through the barrier? Have you suddenly noticed that the price increases the next time your account is debited? It’s a trick and I don’t think it will hold up in court. I think that’s really absurd.”

Lawyer Nicole Mutschke (46) from Bielefeld (NRW)

Lawyer Nicole Mutschke (46) from Bielefeld (NRW)

Photo: Mutschke Law Firm

And what does the gym chain say? “Since the brand was founded in 2016, we at John Reed have offered a contribution structure at all locations worldwide, not just in Germany, which allows our members to receive varied and individual training. The current economic situation, also as a result of the pandemic situation, is causing changes to existing memberships for the first time in six years at John Reed,” says Hagen Wingertszahn, CEO of John Reed Fitness in Germany when asked by BILD.

And further: “To continue to enable attractive training for our members, we will adjust the contributions again from July 1, 2022 and to a still adequate price-performance ratio, about which we inform our members in advance. If you have any questions, all members can contact our customer service at any time.”

The management does not say a word about the way of implementation. It’s also not about what happens if old customers don’t agree to the raise.

The lawyer warns: “I definitely do not accept it. To complain. Existing clients have a legal contract that John Reed cannot unilaterally change. At least there is no such clause in the general terms and conditions of the fitness chain.

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