Vibrating plate test: These are the 10 best vibrating plates

Vibrating plate test: These are the best vibrating plates

Little effort, great success: that’s what training with a vibrating platform promises. Exactly what that means, however, is a matter of interpretation, because while this fitness equipment supports home workouts in a positive way, its effectiveness still depends on the exercise and effort involved.

Power Plates have become a real fitness trend in recent years, not least because they can be easily integrated into your own training plan and add variety. Below we will take a closer look at how it works and show in our great vibrating plate test which of these devices are the best. (Also interesting: rowing machine test: top 7 for the perfect full-body workout)

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How does a vibrating plate work?

Vibration trainers use different types of vibration and intensity levels to resume the natural physiological movement of people, since this requires a certain resistance of the body. This in turn manifests as an automatic tensing of the muscles. With the help of the correct posture and the rigidity of the body, the vibrations are transmitted more and more to the regions of the body. Not only are more muscle groups used than on the ground, but also more targeted training is possible through isolatable control. Core tension is essential for all exercises.

What is the real benefit of the vibrating plate?

As with any other training device or trend, there are also divided opinions on Power Plates. But one thing is certain: exercises with 3D vibration or even 4D vibration plate significantly increase training success and can intensify the entire training process.

Advantages of the vibrating plate in the test

  • increases sense of coordination and balance
  • increases fat burning
  • supports muscle building
  • optimize mobility

Disadvantages of the vibration plate in the test

  • bills
  • weak muscles can be injured

We have tested the best vibrating platforms for beginners and advanced users. Discover the result now!

Test winner: Which vibrating plates are the best?

In the vibration plate test, we test which power plates are suitable for vibration training at home and which ones are the best. It is important to know what you want for your own training. Some prefer a full-featured vibration platform, complete with speakers, resistance bands, countless settings, and even nutrition or exercise plans. Others rely on fitness equipment with fewer features to focus on the essentials.


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