Visible sit-ups: a little trick makes sit-ups more effective

Crunches build abs, core strength, and core stability. But did you know that you can make exercise even more effective with just a little trick? the keyword is mini band.

With the mini-band, the abdominals become even more effective

What is a miniband?

The mini band is small. resistance band, which you probably know from sports or gymnastics courses. They are available in different colors and resistance levels.

The mini band can make many exercises even more effective. It is mainly used for training the muscles of the legs or buttocks. However, it can also make abdominal exercises efficient. upper body workout to extend.

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Make crunches even more efficient with the mini band

New York Dogpound Gym Shows How Mini Band Works With Model Yovanna Ventura abdominal extension can be used.

This is how you do it:

  1. lie down on the the back and bend your legs.
  2. Put the mini band around your hands and carry it with you slight tensionso it doesn’t slide down. Put your hands on your head, arms outstretched.
  3. Tighten your abdominal muscles and move your torso up. As you do this, reach your arms over your head past your ears and toward your toes.
  4. When you reach the top, keep your torso upright and break up the mini band. Keep the tension in your stomach.
  5. back to the initial position Lie back slowly and bring your arms and the mini-band back over your head.

How does the miniband work?

Combining crunches with miniband is out many reasons sensible.

  1. Sit-ups are done correctly. As Dogpund’s personal trainer Andreina Marrero explains to Self magazine, many people tend to have the wrong idea of ​​doing head-pushing crunches. However, the abdominal muscles are not trained. Instead, the upper spine curves, which can lead to injury. Pulling your arms over your head and keeping the band taut will prevent this mistake.
  2. The upper body is tight. By using the resistance band, not only the abdominal muscles are strengthened, but also the muscles of the arms, shoulders and back. Two exercises are integrated into one. “Increase the difficulty because now you’re working against the force instead of keeping your arms down,” says the personal trainer.

Good to know: Try to contract your stomach and keep your back straight during the exercise. A hunched back should be avoided at all costs to protect posture.

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