What changes will digitization bring to training?

What would happen if most people were not from the sense of needI would train, but why are they fun Energy?

the member motivation maintenance has always been a difficult topic for the fitness industry. And it has arguably never been more difficult than it is today, as consumers more opportunities and higher expectations have than ever before.

you want immediately offers adapted to them and the ability to work toward your health goals when, where, and how you want.

In recent years there are many technological innovations came to light, which contribute to to retain and retain customers. This is supported by a hybrid combination of online and offline offers.

Make fitness more accessible

but about them move the industry forwardwe should focus more exciting solutions with digital support find. In this way, we can not only keep existing customers engaged, but also target new customersmaking fitness even more accessible.

and right here you can gamification What central part of what a modern studio has to offer is used to bring fitness to a larger and more diverse audience.

share experiences with each other

people they are by nature competitive and socially inclined. We like to share experiences with each other. There’s a reason why group activities – from online games to sports teams or running clubs – the Keep participants coming back.

And there the technology this is us now It allowsEast to share moments togetherWherever we are, there’s no reason why the fitness industry not the many options Use should.

Through gamification, Fitness companies are capitalizing on the need for many people to evaluate their performance. and compete with each other in a positive and fun environment to share personal or group experiences. achieve fitness goals.

Training visualization

A gym or trainer can Offer members and customers the opportunitytheir own efforts and those of their fellow trainees real time ads displayed on the marker.

Promote competition among athletes.

This is how they can make their own training routines add a competitive element. It also offers customers flexibility in determining where they place their See progress together over timeeg B. in group lessons or video training, whether in the studio, outdoors, or at home.

The focus is on the wearable technologywhich is now an integral part of the fitness experience and represents an ideal way to to inspire members. global ACSM Health & Fitness Journal Survey among 4,500 fitness professionals predicted that wearables will be the leading trend in 2022.

Measure heart rate and power

With these devices, users can seamlessly connect their personal portable devices sync with an integrated club appto further enhance your experience and readings such as measuring heart rate and power.

“Furthermore, we are only at the beginning of what is possible with gamification and the development of always new cutting-edge technology. For example, I think virtual reality (VR), and especially augmented reality (AR), will have a particularly strong impact on the future of fitness. Devices like Meta’s Oculus Quest II, which aim to be portable, wireless and affordable, will become more widely available.”

Hugo Braam – CEO and co-founder of Virtuagym

For studio operators offers a gamification multitude of advantages. Empower fitness communities that Improving the brand experiencethe diversification of offers and the Increase member motivation. can they loyalty and attachment of members

Increase attractiveness, inspire customers

In addition, attractiveness is increased, which in turn new revenue result. The data that fitness and health studies have on the preferences of its members can collect are also invaluable to the Creation of personalized training programs, communications and offers..

Use technological progress

We have the fantastic opportunity available to us take advantage of technological innovations and continue to improve the way people relate to fitness to make the world a healthier and happier place.

driving industry growth

gamification can in the play a crucial role in achieving this goal. play. This is an exciting opportunity for our industry to amplify our impact and grow.

More about the subject: ‘The CEO of Virtuagym presents the fitness technology trends for 2022’


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