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The new energy saving rules will apply from September. What applies then in the gym?

Kassel: In September 2022 there will be serious changes, not only in the corona rules, e-prescriptions and the like. Also in the gym, many people have to dress warmer in the true sense of the word from autumn. And that’s not all.

The energy and gas crisis has had Germany firmly in its grip for a long time. Therefore, stricter energy saving regulations will apply to businesses and consumers from September. And some also affect gyms and sports facilities. What is changing at a glance.

The energy crisis hits the gym: what’s different when you train

On the one hand, from September the amount of heat that fitness studios can heat will be regulated. Noisy Focus.de Y fitforfun.de Fitness studios are also required to heat the room temperature to a maximum of 19 degrees Celsius. For fitness freaks, this means warmer clothing is recommended.

What effects will the energy saving regulations have in gyms from September? (symbol photo) © Oliver Dietze/dpa

Another point could also annoy many customers of fitness studios. The president of the Federal Network Agency, Klaus Müller, expects restrictions on saunas and wellness facilities for the winter. He shared that New Osnabrück Newspaper With.

Maximum ambient temperature of 19 degrees Celsius in public buildings
There is no heating in the corridors of these buildings.
The monuments are not illuminated.
Store doors should not be left open all the time.
Turn off neon signs after 10 pm

Changes in gyms due to energy crisis? what could threaten

There is still a lack of clarity about swimming pools and swimming pools in gyms. The fact is, however, that some pools are already taking action. So it’s possible that sports pool studios will follow suit and tighten the screw here when it comes to saving energy.

Will the showers in the gym be kept cold soon in view of the energy saving rules? The answer is: no, the shower in the gym should not be affected by the new regulations. The ordinance can be found on the federal government’s website: “Sentence 2 excludes buildings where showers are part of the normal operating processes of the building, such as sports halls or swimming pools, from the requirement to lower the temperature.”

Faced with the new energy saving regulations, Robert Habeck (Greens) explained that although gas consumption could be reduced by around two percent, the situation remained tense. “We still have a long way to go,” he said, according to the AFP news agency. (only)

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