Who rests, rusts: With Bächle Fitness to a new and healthy life!

First of all, the credo is: “Don’t you want to go to a gym? Then take this (including equipment) home with you! It doesn’t matter if it’s in your living room, in the garden, in the garage or in the basement. I also like being outdoors in nature. Yours Residence certainly has green spaces where we can get you fit. There is something for everyone!

Entrepreneur Bächle is a true “normal”

Entrepreneur Christian Bächle is (said casually and, of course, also endearingly) a true “normal” as he is in the book, not a fitness guru with a six-pack and low body fat. But he has a very special fitness offering in his baggage and has some pretty explicit goals. At some point he himself realized that something had to happen, that he had to do something for his body (his soul!) and his health. That was the beginning of a long but rewarding fitness journey, towards himself and the center of him.

Fitness entrepreneur Christian Bächle

The fitness entrepreneur Christian Bächle | Image: Christian Bachle

As a reminder: From September 15 to 18, 2022, the 39-year-old from Karlsruhe will open the doors of his new stylish fitness studio in Wolfartsweier with so-called event days, and there is a lot to experience: You can see everything the team (Anna Schweisgut, Meet Gaby Friesen and Christian Bächle), complete challenges (and pocket good money) and win great prizes in a raffle.

Sport also includes a neat appearance

In addition to the team, you can also get tips from a team of experienced estheticians from the Mary Kay product line this weekend. Of course, a healthy and well-groomed appearance is part of the sport!

Christian Bächle doing a sweaty workout with battle ropes

Christian Bächle doing a sweaty workout with Battle Ropes | Image: Toby Frei

By the way, all proceeds from the raffle are donated to Arche Karlsruhe e. V. – The initiator Bächle can be proud of that!

The following information is available for those interested in fitness:

  • Contact us and request an appointment.
  • The first appointment is free! It includes an anamnesis interview, in which we discuss your health status and goals, and a 30-minute test session.
  • After the trial training, we will schedule follow-up appointments if you are interested.
  • You can book individual training and partner training with us. You can book the trainings individually or as a 5 or 10 card. If you are interested in a long-term cooperation, we also have larger packages that can be easily paid for in three to twelve monthly installments. Here you pay for a larger number of training sessions in various monthly installments, but of course you can spread the training sessions over a longer or shorter period of time.

Here you can find more information about the services and prices of the (family) fitness room Bächle Fitness and the KA fitness taxi at a glance.


[email protected]

[email protected]

0176 / 45628310

Heubergstraße 4

76228 Karlsruhe




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