With 3 delicious products you run the risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease- wmn

There are a variety of foods that can negatively affect your brain. At first glance, however, this is not immediately obvious. However, late last year, a study found out which products can ensure we start later. Alzheimer’s fall ill. What they are and why you can suffer damage to your health in a few weeks.

Study reveals: These products promote Alzheimer’s

Frozen Pizza, Microwave Lasagna, or French Fries: Everything these finished products can lead to obesity and diabetes. Now the researchers Ohio State University discovered that the Products can also have a negative effect on our brain and that after only four weeks.

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A frozen pizza is quick but also incredibly unhealthy. Photo: Images/ Eclipse_images

The scientist in Ohio State UniversityRuth Barrientos is very concerned about this result: “The fact that we were able to detect these effects so quickly is alarming.” She sees a great danger, especially for older generations: “These results show that consumption of ready-to-use products has a direct negative impact on our memory. For the aging population, this means that memory loss is more likely to lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

In the study, the researchers used rats to mimic the human diet and found that Meat and sausage products not only cause brain damage but also inflammation, which can lead to serious cardiovascular problems.

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Preventing Alzheimer’s: These products heal the body

The good news is that people who have eaten processed foods for a long time can counter inflammation or brain damage with healthy foods. The study also found that Certain foods can bring balance back to our body.

To do this, scientists recommend foods with the omega-3 fatty acid DHA. This should be able to stop negative processes. The fatty acid is particularly often found in fish and other shellfish. But a fresh, balanced diet containing fruits, vegetables and whole grains can also counteract the negative effects of finished products.

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