With the Exercycle, BH Fitness presents the first smart bike with a hyper-realistic indoor cycling experience

Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)/Frankfurt (ots) –

– Exercycle is the result of the collaboration with BH Bikes
– Geometry and design are based on the BH Aerolight road bike icon
– Own pedals and saddle can be used for optimal training
– Full connectivity for group training and bike simulators like Zwift, Kinomap, etc.
– EMS resistance system – Adjustable in 24 positions on the handlebar without changing position
– Q factor of 152: unique for smart bikes!
– Very quiet – without the annoying noise of Plug&Ride reels

BH Fitness, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of fitness and training equipment, together with its sister company BH Bikes, one of Europe’s best-known racing bike manufacturers, have been thinking of the “perfect” smart bike for ambitious enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals. racing cyclists and triathletes. The result of joint research and development work is the first smart bicycle called Exercycle, which offers a hyper-realistic cycling experience when training at home thanks to numerous options. The Exercycle is the only smart bike that, compared to today’s alternatives like trainers or the classic indoor bike, uncompromisingly conveys the riding experience of a true racing bike when you train in your own four walls.

Two worlds, the same DNA: blurring the lines between training at home and on the road

The new Exercycle aims to cover all the needs of road cyclists for their training at home. The Exercycle combines the geometry of the BH Aerolight pro road bike with the technology and experience of BH Fitness in the field of exercise bikes. The Exercycle offers different options for cyclists to enjoy the experience of pedaling at home, enhancing the hyper-realism of training: it feels like actually pedaling on the road.

Also important for the hyper-realistic experience is being able to use your own saddle and pedals. The design of the frame allows it to optimally adapt to the user and simulates the position of a racing bike. Thanks to the V-frame design, the Smart Bike is suitable for sizes S to XL and thus ensures maximum performance during training.

Perfect biomechanics and industrial design reduced to the essentials

The minimalist design, with its organic shapes and matte finishes, is closely related to the BH Aerolight, which follows the latest trends in industrial design. The simplicity of the Exercycle emphasizes its shape and volume without hiding it under striking decorative elements. With this aesthetic, BH Fitness wants the Exercycle to be accepted as a full-fledged second race bike for indoor cycling.

Don’t give up on the most demanding climbs: to enhance the experience of a true road bike, BH Fitness has added a degree of flex to the Exercycle’s frame. The frame twist offered by the Exercycle simulates the lateral movement of an uphill racing bike, as well as the feel and effort. This has managed to get away from the unnatural rigidity that stationary bicycles usually transmit.

Q factor for optimal posture

Not only 007 agents know the importance of Q’s legendary inventions to the success of their missions. The Q factor of road bikes is the distance between the axles of the bike’s cranks. It is one of the key factors in reproducing a position similar to that of a road bike and one of the weak points of home exercise equipment. This has been a key focus of the Exercycle development team, which managed to achieve a Q-factor of 152mm, the lowest on the market. As a result, the leg position when pedaling is similar to that of a road bike, while allowing users to generate maximum power with each pedal stroke. The Exercycle’s Q-factor is almost identical to that of road bikes, so indoor cycling doesn’t require adopting an unfamiliar posture that negatively affects training efficiency.

EMS system faithfully simulates rolling resistance on asphalt – adjustable from the handlebars

The EMS electromagnetic resistance system of the Exercycle allows a very precise and progressive regulation of the intensity. At the same time, it creates a sensation when pedaling that is very similar to the resistance offered by the asphalt to the tires. This system is widely used in the medical-sports field, but is not traditionally used for indoor bikes, where only raw resistance is tracked, without paying attention to pedaling sensations. Thanks to EMS, pedaling feels very similar to reality on the asphalt.

Shifting gears on the handlebars is not only one of the most automated gestures among cyclists, it also offers a more realistic feel during training. With Exercyle, the resistance can be comfortably adjusted in 24 levels from the handlebars without having to change posture or take your hands off the handlebars.

Multi-screen monitor and performance measurement: full control over all parameters

For the collection and measurement of data, the Exercycle BH has a multi-screen LCD monitor with all the necessary functions to make the training as complete and accurate as possible. The LCD screen offers four screens with different levels of information. The first shows the current training data, the second the percentage of the values ​​in the test values. The third screen shows the average values ​​of the session, and the fourth the maximum values ​​of the training.

In addition, the Exercycle has an FTP test to calculate the wattage threshold, Polar heart rate telemetry receiver (5 KHz) and Bluetooth FTMS to connect to the main cycling simulators.

Drive from the salon to the Tourmalet or a virtual race

The Exercycle features the latest connectivity technology for race team members in the many simulation applications on the market. This is achieved through the FTMS Bluetooth module built into the bike’s console, allowing full compatibility with industry leading apps.

There are exciting training experiences with the most important bicycle simulators, such as B. Zwift, Kinomap or BKool Fitness, which turn gray winter afternoons into exciting competitive experiences with other users or convey the rewarding feeling of training on mythical cycling steps such as the Tourmalet or the Alp d’Huez.

Prices and Availability

The BH Fitness Smart Bike Exercycle is available in Germany for an RRP of EUR 2,190 (including VAT) online at https://exercycle.bhfitness.com/de or at major specialist retailers.

Pictures and more information can be found here. (https://havanaorange.wetransfer.com/downloads/fdb885f0f0b7b5fd64f1aed41cfe4c1420220704142137/a589e46bcde251fb80b686ec4274f40420220704142137/d0ea32)

About BH Fitness

BH Fitness is a division of the BH Group (BH – Beistegui Hermanos), founded in 1909 by the three brothers Domingo, Juan and Cosme Beistegui, based in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain, Basque Country) and still family-owned in the present. For more than a century, BH has been synonymous with sport, cycling and the unconditional will to perform. The sister company BH Bikes is one of the icons of cycling today and one of the most established and successful brands in the construction of bicycles.

The BH Fitness product portfolio includes high-performance, fully connected equipment for cardio, strength training, functional training and indoor cycling. BH Fitness is among the TOP 7 manufacturers of indoor training equipment worldwide. BH Fitness clients include professional and amateur athletes, fitness and medical rehabilitation centers, hotels and private training centers. BH Fitness is present in 85 countries around the world through its subsidiaries and distributors. Constant dialogue with our customers helps us find innovative solutions so that more and more users can enjoy sport and exercise.

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