With these 5 tips you will survive the midday slump

Updated: 06/22/2022 – 12:05

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With these 5 tips you will survive the midday slump

When the midday slump hits, some people would like to lay their heads down on their desks and get some rest.

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When the midday slump hits, some people would like to lay their heads down on their desks and get some rest.

Anyone who can barely keep their eyes open after eating in the canteen or at their desk at home and has trouble concentrating on their work suffers from the famous midday slump. How strong it is depends on several factors. 5 tips on how to stay fresh and motivated even after the break.

Do you feel so tired after lunch that you would like to go to bed? If he’s familiar with this, he’s had the famous midday blue, also known as a soup coma. While a cup or two of coffee still beats the tiredness in the morning, the midday slump often prevails in the midday hours. But that doesn’t have to be that way! Here are some tips that will help you overcome the urge to sleep and find the motivation for productive work in the second half of the day.

Midday Blues: 5 Tips to Overcome Midday Blues

After a productive morning high, it’s completely normal for concentration to drop and your head to need a break. This valley can be traversed quickly with a few tips.

1. Power nap

Midday tiredness signals the body that it needs a break. He should have that chance too. However, a deep nap would be counterproductive. Experts recommend a short nap with a maximum duration of 20 minutes.

2. Carbohydrates and sugars

The choice of lunch also influences the productivity of the following hours. Carbohydrates and sugar overload the digestive tract, causing the body to respond with fatigue. Therefore, the recommendation is to resort to light dishes such as salads, fish or rice.

3. Monitor hydration

If the body does not receive enough fluid, the midday low is already pre-programmed. For this reason, it is advisable to make sure you drink enough water. Appropriate smartphone apps and timers help ensure this is not forgotten. To add some flavor to tap water, slices of cucumber or lemon can be added. It tastes much fresher.

4. Stimulating aromas

Even a quick sniff from a bottle of peppermint, orange, or citrus essential oil can have an invigorating effect. For a longer effect, the oil can be distributed in the room through a diffuser or, if there is no intolerance, it can be applied to the inside of the wrists and behind the ears.

5. Active and healthy lifestyle

Those who often suffer from midday depression should be more active in their lifestyle. Experts recommend regular walks. These activate circulation and promote vitamin D balance. Also, despite all the motivation, it’s important not to overdo it. This applies to both professional and private ambitions. Anyone who is constantly running from one appointment to another and working beyond their energy level will eventually have to face health consequences.


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