Xiaomi Mi Band 6: how to use the fitness tracker as a remote shutter release for the camera


With the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 you can not only count the steps. The fitness tracker can also act as a remote shutter release for your cell phone camera. This is how the function is activated.

The Mi Band 6 can also be used as a remote shutter release for the cell phone camera.

The Mi Band 6 can also be used as a remote shutter release for the cell phone camera. (Source: Xiaomi)

  • The remote wake function is pre-installed on the Mi Band 6.
  • By default, the remote wake function is located directly on the Mi Band 6 in the “More” menu item.
  • But you have to activate it in the Zepp Life app.

Who does not know: You are traveling with a group of friends or family and would like to take a souvenir photo with you. Unfortunately, there’s no one in their circle of friends with stretchy limbs, so it’s impossible to fit everyone in the photo. This is where the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 can help.

Instead of a person taking the photo, you can use it as a remote shutter release. The corresponding function is pre-installed, but you need to activate it first as follows.

Use remote shutter on Mi Band 6

In order to use your Mi Band 6 as a remote shutter release, you need to take some precautions. Unlike usual, the fitness tracker needs to establish a full Bluetooth connection with the smartphone. Only then can you use the feature on Mi Band 6.

Communication between the smartphone and the fitness tracker is usually done via Bluetooth LE. However, this protocol cannot receive camera trigger commands. Next, we will show you how to pair the smartphone with the Mi Band 6.

Make sure the Mi Band 6 is connected to your smartphone. Then open the Zepp Life app.


Tap “Profile” on the bottom bar.


Select the device you want to use to trigger the smartphone camera remotely.


Scroll down to the “Lab” menu item and tap on it.


Select the “Camera Settings” menu item.


Establish a full Bluetooth connection with the Mi Band 6 by tapping Bluetooth Pairing at the bottom.


In the notification that appears at the top, tap “Pair & Connect”.


Confirm the pairing by checking the box in the window that appears and tapping “Pair”.


Now the smartphone is connected to the Mi Band 6 via Bluetooth and the remote unlock function can be used. Now we show you where you can find the option on the Mi Band 6.

Swipe down on the watch face.

Wed Volume 6 1

You can access the hidden options by tapping “More”.

wedding band 6 2

Select the Camera option here to access the remote shutter release.

Camera band 6 3

You will be prompted to open the camera app on your smartphone. Comply with the request.


Tap the white button below to activate and take a photo.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 - Camera Step 5

Complete! This way you can take photos with your Mi Band 6.

A new: It is recommended to turn off Bluetooth pairing after use to save battery life. The corresponding option is located in the same place where you made the pairing.

In another guide we tell you how to get Google Maps on the Mi Band 6.

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