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Who else Sports ago, has a faster metabolism. Sounds plausible, but unfortunately it’s a misconception. Even if you burn more calories for a short time and thus increase your basal metabolic rate, sport has no effect on your metabolism. This is the result of a study.

Speed ​​up metabolism with sport: is that possible?

Faster metabolism thanks to exercise? Study refutes it

As a study in the journal Nature Communications found, exercise cannot influence metabolism. Each person has an individual metabolism. Whether you are an athlete or not, always run at the same speed.

The assumption that you can permanently increase your calorie intake through exercise is widespread. Unfortunately this is one Wrong idea. Of course, you burn more calories during exercise, even up to several hours after the exercise session thanks to the afterburn effect. But in the long run, this doesn’t change the basal metabolic rate, as the scientists discovered.

The researchers determined the total energy expenditure of nearly 350 people. They had to drink a glass of water previously enriched with isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen. Isotopes can be traced in the body and are lost through respiration, sweat, and excretion. In this way, scientists were able to measure how fast each person’s metabolism is and how many calories they are burning.

The result: metabolism varied in the subjects by as much as 20 percent, and that Regardless of whether or not they practice.

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Is it easier to lose weight with a faster metabolism?

There are obviously big differences in the speed of metabolism. Shouldn’t that mean that people with fast metabolisms also lose weight more easily?

The researchers examined this in the second part of the study. To do this, they documented the weight of the subjects in different periods of time. But here, too, the result was sobering: A fast metabolism is no guarantee that you will lose weight more easily. People with slow metabolisms also don’t gain weight more easily.

Conclusion: Why Should You Keep Exercising?

Even if the study has disappointed some amateur athletes: Please don’t stop playing sports now! After all, it’s about much more than burning calories. In the end, above all, you must health and fun stand in the foreground. Although his calorie turnover does not increase, he remains fit, healthy and in a good mood.

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