YouTube channel features fitness for metalheads

According to general opinion, metal and fitness do not share a particularly successful common history, although music is used as an incentive and motivational boost as a common accompanying method for sports activities. From a superficial perspective, the Metal connection seems contradictory at first. After all, the motto is “Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.” So drink sports. EITHER?

That may and may be the case, but the new Metal Workouts YouTube channel proves that fitness, healthy eating, and hard ‘n’ heavy music aren’t mutually exclusive. On the contrary: with the right tools, sport can even be quite metallic.

Distorted image of fitness culture

We’re all familiar with the utopian ideals of the mainstream-infused “I make you sexy” industry: supposedly perfect bodies that start with electronic pop music, misunderstand the gym as a catwalk, and ultimately dress in plus-size jeans. zero or to be able to let those built biceps clench in public. The fact that something like this should be fun leaves room for discussion. For the metalhead in particular, the aforementioned “life goals” probably don’t hold any appeal.

“The problem is the image of fitness”say Andi and Kathi, who are now primarily targeting fans of the scene with their Metal Workouts YouTube channel. “Most metalheads don’t feel like doing aerobics… That’s why the scene has been reluctant about it until now. We show there’s another way.

We like to do online workouts ourselves, but when we rolled our eyes and turned the sound off for the 100th time because of the electro-rap autotune stuff (…) and put on our own music, it clicked and we thought: Everyone has what to do Metalheads so go ahead! When we saw that no one does metal training, we decided to do it ourselves.”

Bespoke Metal Sessions for the Home

By the way. In the hustle and bustle of overdubbed online training offerings, there has been no suitable outlet for metalheads who like to play sports or would like to start doing so. Andi, a sports science student and passionate drummer, criticizes that the scene among the many fitness influencers “not collected”. However, the fact that metal is an optimal tool for both basic and advanced training sessions changes the entire context in which the topic of fitness has been discussed so far.

“We produce actionable science-based workouts with a motivational soundtrack. We also like to feature newcomer bands in our videos and we want to support the scene in this way. (…) Our concern is to convey fun in sports, educate people about fitness, nutrition and health, and therefore make the metal scene healthier and fitter.”reports the Metal Workouts team.

What is particularly interesting about the offer is that no one has to feel left out or fear that they will not be able to complete the program presented. “The workouts on our channel are flexible so that anyone can adapt them to their level, even if they are a total beginner. And that’s important, because you don’t have to exercise five days a week. Starting with a minimal investment helps a lot and builds momentum of your own. We want to take the metalheads of our channel by the hand.”

Why we should subscribe to the Metal Workouts YouTube channel

Bottom line: Metal Workouts offers metalhead-like sports programming that is accessible to all, fun and mindful, distancing itself from the commercialized image of the fitness and beauty industry, while at the same time supporting the beauty industry. music presenting new themes.

While sporting activity hasn’t had a place among the celebrated tenets of the metal lifestyle, we have to keep in mind that beer and sausages won’t get us off our couches in the long run. Derrick Green, Alissa White-Gluz and numerous other musicians on the scene set a good example and prove that healthy nutrition and mindfulness related to the body can certainly achieve heavy metal. So did Andi and Kathi from Metal Workouts.

So: Like Metal Workouts, subscribe etc, you know.

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