A car insurance comparison is particularly valuable this year.

It takes a lot of time to compare different car rates with each other. But this year it could be especially worth it. Because many policies are likely to increase due to higher repair costs. After the corona restrictions there is now more driving again and that also means more accidents again. This means that it may become more expensive for existing customers next year.

Switching auto insurance can save you money

Calculations from the relevant internet portals show that vehicle owners can save several hundred euros by switching. Whether liability, partial or full: the difference between the middle price segment and the cheapest is, according to the comparison portal Verivox, on average 26 percent. However, you should keep in mind that a cheaper rate may also offer weaker services.

It depends on the structure of the car insurance.

The sum insured for motor vehicle civil liability should be around 100 million euros, a flat rate for personal injury, material damage and financial loss. It is recommended, among other things, by the Federation of Insured Persons. In addition, comprehensive insurance must also include gross negligence. Anyone who owns a new car should agree to compensation for the replacement value in the event of a total loss or theft, regardless of the current market value.

Customers should also pay attention to the so-called wildlife damage clause. Regulates accidents related to fur hunting in fully comprehensive insurance, but only in the case of accidents related to wild boar, deer, badger and similar hunting. The extended game damage clause, on the other hand, also takes into account collisions with poultry and domestic or farm animals. In this context, you should also check what the insurance pays for a possible marten sting.

Increase potential savings on auto insurance

You can save if, for example, you pay your premiums once a year instead of monthly or quarterly. You can also find it cheaper if you limit the group of drivers or calculate how many kilometers you drive per year. The general rule is: the lower the agreed mileage, the cheaper the rate.

Some insurers also offer telematic rates. Above all, careful driving is rewarded by an app that measures and evaluates braking and cornering behavior or speed. There may also be a discount for a workshop commitment. Some insurance companies also offer discounts for certain professions.

Last but not least, the amount of the premium also depends on the excess in case of damage. The general rule here is: the higher the deductible, the cheaper the premium. Experts recommend a deductible of 150 euros for partial all-risk insurance and 300 euros for all-risk insurance.

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