A tree fell on the car. What insurance covers storm damage to the car?

Storms can cause damage from falling trees and branches. Of course, the car is especially exposed to these forces of nature. Especially if it’s on the side of the road and not in a garage. We explain here what insurance covers storm damage to the car.

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Do you need comprehensive insurance or is partial insurance enough?

Simply put, damage to the parked car is covered by any partial comprehensive insurance. However, if the damage is accidental damage from continuous traffic on the road, you need comprehensive insurance. However, there are still many details that vary depending on the case of damage.

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Here you pay partial hull

If the car is damaged by storm damage, such as branches or shingles falling during a storm, the damage is covered by partial comprehensive insurance. For everyone who has comprehensive insurance, the benefits of comprehensive insurance are included, explains the General Association of the German Insurance Industry eV (GDV). If partial comprehensive insurance occurs, customers are not downgraded in the no-claims class. However, the agreed deductible must be paid. For most insurance companies, this is 150 euros, according to the comparison portal Verivox.

If the vehicle is completely destroyed, the insurer pays the replacement value or, in the case of newer cars -depending on the contract- even the new price, explains the GDV. Storm damage is classified as damage caused by a storm with a wind force of eight or greater. According to the definition of the German Weather Service, this is “stormy wind” with wind speeds of 62-74 km/h and higher. However, with comprehensive insurance, the speed of the wind has no influence.

When is comprehensive insurance necessary?

If a driver hits a falling tree, comprehensive insurance kicks in if the driver can no longer brake in time, explains the consumer advice center. If a verifiable rotten tree falls on a car, the tree owner’s liability insurance must pay for the damage. In the case of all-risk damage, insurers classify clients worse in the following calendar year, unless they have agreed to a so-called discount protection. Consequently, higher insurance premiums will be paid in the coming years. So when it comes to comprehensive insurance, you generally need to consider whether it’s cheaper to bear the cost of the damage yourself or pay the higher premiums. Anyone who has only purchased motor vehicle liability insurance for their vehicle will get nothing.

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If you act negligently, you have to pay yourself.

If it can be directly demonstrated that the tiles of a particular home have fallen on parked cars because the car has not fulfilled its duty to maintain traffic safety, the owner’s liability insurance becomes effective for the owner. This can also apply to tenants. An example: if a balcony box that falls due to a hurricane hits a car, the tenant may also be liable. Here the civil liability insurance runs with the damages. You can get more information on the subject in the consumer care center. In the event of storm damage to the direct house, such as hail damage to the roof, the building’s insurance is responsible. All the elements of daily use of the house belong to the household items, where possible damages are covered by the household insurance.

As reported by the ADAC, the owner’s civil liability insurance is responsible for damage caused by falling rubbish bins that have not been properly insured. If a moving traffic sign is the cause of the damage, damages can be claimed from the erector if he could have secured the signs with a larger base or more weight.

If the car owner can be shown to have been grossly negligent, the insurance coverage could lapse. This could be the case if the owner parks his body under a tree despite a storm warning.

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What to do in case of damage

The General Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV) reports that damage after a storm has caused car owners to notify their insurance company as soon as possible to obtain compensation. You must also report the damage in any case, prior to You send the car in for repair. Documenting the damage with photos is helpful, a spokesman said.

The obligation to mitigate the damage must also be considered. This includes, for example, covering a broken windshield so that rainwater or flooding does not cause further damage. GDV experts also advise that sources of danger, such as dropped objects, roof tiles or broken branches, be removed.


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