Application, costs, insurance: all the important information

Can I get short-term tuition without insurance?

You must not have insurance coverage for the period in question. Therefore, take care of this protection first. Once completed, you will receive the electronic insurance confirmation number, which you will need to present at the registration office. Otherwise, you will not receive the registration.

Important: In case of damage, the insurance only pays if the license plate number was issued to the owner of the vehicle. Transfer of registration does not transfer insurance coverage.

How much does a short-term registration cost?

Total costs are made up of several elements. They may differ from state to state. You must calculate between 25 and 35 euros only for the administration costs and the signal. Added to this are the costs of civil liability insurance for motor vehicles. They are between 30 and 130 euros. Therefore, the total costs range between 55 and 165 euros. But: If you later insure the car with the same provider, they will waive the costs.

Can I get a temporary number plate without a valid TÜV?

no You must present a valid HU report (often colloquially called TÜV) for the vehicle.

How long is a short-term registration valid?

A short-term registration is valid for a maximum of five days. The expiration date can be read very easily on the yellow mark: there are three numbers listed one below the other. They represent a day, a month and a year from top to bottom. This date is the expiration date. The license plate in the photo above (number sequence: 02 – 04 – 12) was valid until April 2, 2012.

After the expiration date, license plates are worthless. You don’t have to bring the license plates back.

Short-term registration abroad

This applies to test drives and transfer drives. short-term registration for the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Italy
  • Denmark

Although other countries usually tolerate tuition. But there is no legal right to this. Theoretically, the policemen can arrest the car in other countries. Therefore, an export plate is required for transfer trips to these countries.

Can I also request the short-term registration online?

Yes. Suitable providers can be found on the Internet. The cost of this service varies. To do this, send the provider the necessary documents. Then pay the specified amount by Paypal, online transfer, credit card. Usually you will receive the registration at short notice via express delivery; you will still lose at least one of the five valid days.

These are the required documents

  • eVB number (i.e. electronic insurance confirmation)
  • Copy of ID (front and back)
  • Vehicle registration document (front and back) or vehicle title
  • valid HU report of a deregistered vehicle

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