Approaching an often inaccessible industry

Munich Bastian Kunkel should already catch your attitude to the subject of insurance in the first lines of many readers. No one wakes up in the morning and says, “Great! I really want to deal with my insurance policies today,” he writes in the foreword to his book “Totally Unstable.”

But even if nobody understandably likes to take care of their insurance, the prevailing opinion is that this is an unavoidable evil that needs to be dealt with. The policies are then filed in a folder in the study or basement. But even then, no one can say for sure whether a man or a woman is really well insured.

In recent weeks, author Bastian Kunkel has managed to create a bestseller with an informal writing approach, understandable attempts at explanation, and a lot of publicity on his behalf. He manages to break down the barriers in the tedious subject of insurance, even for people who belong to the group described at the beginning.

In book form, Kunkel thus continues the path that has already given him a large number of followers on social networks such as YouTube, Instagram or Tiktok. There he also explains with humorous words and without the usual technical jargon what often sounds like technical jargon to the normal customer in terms of insurance. This low-threshold access should certainly be beneficial to the business of your “Versicherungen mit Kopf” agency.

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In the book, Kunkel asks the right questions in the individual chapters and provides the right answers as well. This does not result in a guide, as there are plenty in this area. Instead, the author tries to take the client’s point of view and starts much lower.

Bastian Kunkel: Fully (not) insured.
Financial Book Publisher
Munich 2022
240 pages
15 euros

These are simple but absolutely justified questions like “What insurance is (basically) useful?” or “How do you properly report damage?” to common mistakes, false expectations or even myths that still stand if they are considered to have been refuted long ago.

For example, parents, grandparents, or friends should not be listened to when it comes to insurance. Either there is a dangerous half-knowledge from there, like “Insurance never pays anyway”, or you may be sabotaging your own decision, which you have just arrived at after a long period of familiarization with the matter and careful consideration. .

Criticism of your own industry.

The fact that hardly anyone likes dealing with insurance is also due to the bad reputation that has prevailed for decades, for which the industry has largely blamed itself. Bastian Kunkel does not protect his own industry from himself, but he says openly that he himself is sometimes ashamed of it.

These are black sheep, among whom the motto “hit, knock down, cut” prevails when it comes to clients, which means nothing other than that many representatives only care about the quick conclusion of a contract and then never to be seen again. . So Kunkel is also ashamed of his own industry, as he describes in his book. Such an admission certainly shouldn’t damage his own reputation.

However, Kunkel surprises in several places with unexpected depth. He always turns casual narrative style into a guide giving advice you don’t get with a quick online deal.

He then explains the monstrous word best performance guarantee, with which the liability insurance customer receives the best possible service that is available in Germany. Even if you can find another provider. Or it explains terms like “giving up an abstract reference” in disability insurance. Certainly no client knows what to do with it. But if the clause was not in the contract, the insurer could refer its clients to another profession that they could possibly continue practicing, even if their incapacity for work was proven.

It’s the combination of introductory information and background knowledge that makes “Totally Unstable” worth reading. From an industry point of view, things are probably getting a bit confusing when, for example, people ask what happens if the insurer goes bankrupt. But these are exactly the questions that clients ask during a consultation. Bastian Kunkel’s book is therefore also a customer focus for a sometimes inaccessible industry.

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