Auto Insurance: Adjusted Regional Classes: Is Your Insurance Premium Changing Soon?

The new regional classes are to blame

Attention Drivers: Is Your Insurance Class Changing Soon?

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Regional classes have an impact on insurance premiums

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Influence of the regional class on the insurance premium

Basically, the better the ranking in the regional class, the cheaper it is for the insurance premium, which is also determined by other parameters. According to the General Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV), it is not yet possible to say how much the new classification will change the entire insurance premium.

Every year, the GDV calculates the damage balance of the more than 400 registration districts in Germany and divides them into so-called regional classes. The basis for the calculation is where the greatest or most costly damage occurs: the deviation from the national average is used as the basis. Districts with an average damage balance have regional class 6 motor vehicle liability insurance. The place of residence of the owner is decisive for the regional class.

These regional classes are available for Motor Vehicle Liability, Comprehensive, and Partial Comprehensive. In the case of motor vehicle liability insurance, the insurance benefits for injured third parties are decisive. Rather, for those with comprehensive insurance, insurance benefits after self-inflicted accidents and for all other comprehensive claims are included in the calculation. These include, for example, car theft, glass damage, wildlife accidents, vehicle fires, or damage caused by natural disasters.

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The regional auto liability insurance class is changing for many

For about 37 percent of drivers with pure vehicle liability insurance, the regional class will change next year. This was announced by the General Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV).

Around ten million drivers in 101 districts will be ranked higher in 2023, around 5.5 million in 67 districts lower. For the remaining 244 districts, and thus about 26.8 million owners with motor vehicle liability insurance, the regional class remains the same.

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New class limits bring more changes

Due to a reorganization of the class limits, there are comparatively many changes in the classification of motor vehicle liability insurance this time: According to the GDV, only 24 instead of 55 districts reach the lowest regional class 1: the district from Elbe-Elster in Brandenburg performs better. In the highest, ie worst, 12th class, instead of the previous 19, only two registration districts are now ranked: Offenbach and Berlin at the bottom.

As in previous years, the damage figures for Brandenburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are especially good compared to the national average.

In the registration districts of the big cities, the balance sheets are comparatively bad, which is also nothing new: in the capital, for example, the damage is almost 40 percent higher than the average according to the GDV, which is a maximum value. negative.

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Fewer changes for those with comprehensive insurance

According to the industry association, there are fewer changes in the regional classes of comprehensive insurance policies: about 2.8 million fully insured and about 3.1 million partially fully insured will be downgraded, about 0.9 million fully insured and around 2.9 partially fully insured will have one from 2023 better classified.

There are no changes for the remaining 27.7 million, that is, almost three quarters of those who have comprehensive insurance. There are 16 regional classes for partial comprehensive insurance and nine for comprehensive insurance.

You can find out which regional class your own district is in by using the regional class query in the GDV portal. (dpa/pdr)


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