AUTOHAUS VersicherungsMonitor: Toyota Versicherung takes first place for the eleventh time

“Once again we have succeeded in properly motivating our dealers and showing them the overall economic successes that the insurance business brings to every individual Toyota car dealer. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all of our active dealers for this.” says Udo Jüngling, CEO of Toyota Kfz-Versicherung, on the occasion of the award ceremony of the AUTOHAUS VersicherungsMonitor recently in Eigeltingen to the event sponsor, the repair specialist Carbon.

Motivated and decision-making traders

For the eleventh time since 2009, the friendly Toyota/Aioi couple managed to win the category of major imported brands and also the general classification in all the categories of the competition. “The business has really understood that with the insurance business you can make money in business,” added Martin Spangenberg, member of the board of directors of the German branch of Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company of Europe SE. “Our distributors are not only highly motivated, but they can also make decisions directly and, as we know, they are very convincing to their customers.”

In addition, as Jüngling added, the respective systems of the Toyota insurer are “very easy to use for retailers”. Therefore, employees of car dealerships “should not be afraid to make an active offer to the customer.” The “programmatic and tireless effort to improve our dealership together with us shows that hard work and customer orientation pay off,” says Jüngling. Therefore, we are “grateful and proud that each and every one of our employees contributes to successes like this through competence, reliability, patience and flexibility.”

Best overall performance since dealer satisfaction analysis was launched

Puls Managing Director Dr. Konrad Weßner first referred to the excellent overall score of 1.69 and also reported that Toyota/Aioi had succeeded for the first time in AUTOHAUS VersicherungsMonitor history by winning all 19 individual criteria of all manufacturers. Presenting the specific strengths of the brand, he stated, among other things, that the quality and frequency of special campaigns was 1.14 degrees above the market average, as well as values ​​that were also well above the market average for the possibility of flexible design of insurance products and rates and the decision-making authority of the sales force.

continuity in uncertain times

Dealers gave top marks within Toyota for low number of customer complaints, internal and external service, and product understandability. According to Weßner, the strong overall rating of 1.69 once again testifies above all to continuity and reliability in times of uncertainty. These were also addressed by Udo Jüngling and Martin Spangenberg and, in their words, are a burden on the entire automotive industry. Because after two years of the corona pandemic, many goods and supply chains are now disrupted, in addition to the well-known chip shortage from China, there is a shortage or even a complete failure of vehicle production parts (for example, wire harnesses from Ukraine) due to Russia’s war against Ukraine, accompanied by a global shortage of raw materials and an increase in the price of actually available supply.

Satisfy trade and customers!

According to its CEO, Udo Jüngling, Toyota Kfz-Versicherung wants to stick to being able to offer individual solutions for its customers, especially in the dealer insurance business, regardless of all the difficulties. “Especially in terms of insurance products and rate design, we were able to satisfy many customers and make our distributors’ work easier, so that they not only enjoy themselves, but also generate real additional sales.”

Jürgen Heinrich, Head of the Customer Competence Center at the German branch of Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company of Europe SE, added: “Innovative and customer-oriented products are up to date. With years of experience and our proximity to trade, we want to continue to impressing in the future Both satisfied members and enthusiastic policyholders are the greatest reward for us.” (week)

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