Basler Versicherungen offers the BiPRO service through the Smart Insur platform

Basel insurance companies

Starting in June, Basler Versicherungen will make the services of the Industry Institute for Process Optimization (BiPRO) available to intermediaries. Specifically, it is about the retrieval of electronic documents 430.4, which Smart InsurTech AG (website) for Basler Versicherungen on its SMART INSUR insurance platform. The transfer service forms the basis for digital data exchange and is initially available for the composite area.

DThe Rule 430 Transmission Service defines a type of mailbox where insurer-provided documents, such as policies, applications, supplements, or premium bills, can be retrieved from sales organizations. The BiPRO 430.4 standard includes the automated transfer of contract-related data and documents, as well as the automatic updating of contract-related data in the broker management program. Downloaded documents can be automatically assigned to contracts.

We are pleased that we can now make the BiPRO 430.4 standard available to agents so that their administrative tasks are greatly reduced and they gain more freedom for sales again. Documents no longer need to be manually scanned and archived. Instead, the documents are automatically filed in the agent’s broker management program.”

Bernd Einmold, Sales Director at Baloise Insurance

Electronic document retrieval not only enables efficient, paperless administration, but also increases data quality and reduces processing errors. In addition, the data transfer is fast and without media interruptions. The BiPRO 430.4 standard thus guarantees intermediaries enormous time savings thanks to automation. Basler Versicherungen wants to further increase the potential of BiPRO for intermediaries and then implement the BiPRO 430 standards in the areas of life and non-life insurance.


We are convinced of the BiPRO standards and the associated standardization. Uniform standards greatly improve communication between insurers and sales organizations or brokerage firms, especially given the heterogeneity that still exists.”

Bernd Jakobs, Head of Sales for Major Customers at Smart InsurTech AG

There are now BiPRO connections from over 60 insurance companies on the SMART INSUR insurance platform.pages

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