Bikmo e-bike insurance covers almost everything

Gone are the days when home contents insurance was the best option for electric bikes. If you want to insure your e-bike, including accessories and equipment, Bikmo’s e-bike insurance will help you with a comprehensive protection package for all eventualities at a fair price.

eBikeNews readers can also take out insurance via our special offer link with a permanent five percent discount.

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Theft shouldn’t be the only reason for electric bike insurance

Bikmo is a British bicycle insurer that has now become established with us, with a tempting offer. In order not only to insure your electric bike according to a standard model, but also to offer you exactly the services you need, Bikmo relies on two things: experience and surveys.

The team behind Bikmo is made up of passionate cyclists, who have had one or two experiences with accidents, theft or vandalism have behind But his own experience is not enough, Bikmo keeps asking his clients: How did the damage to the bicycle and electric bicycle occur?

The result: only a third of insurance benefits come from stolen bikes and electric bikes. Accidents caused by someone else or through their own fault are much more likely. In the statistics, the e-bike comes out much better than the bicycle. This is precisely why Bikmo insurance is worthwhile, because You can insure electric bikes there for 50% less than conventional bikes.

Clothing and accessories for your e-bike are also insured

If accidents cause more damage, the insurance benefit must also be adjusted. Therefore, Bikmo includes all accessories with up to ten percent of the sum insured or with at least 250 euros a.

Shattered helmet, broken triathlon wetsuit in a fall, or broken cycling goggles? No problem, Bikmo will take care of it. You can find the full list of covered accessories in the Bikmo Support Center.

Conclusion in a few clicks with transparent pricing

You can take out e-bike insurance for e-bikes for a value of up to 15,000 euros to block. Your entire policy can even be up to 30,000 euros. The calculation is always based on the purchase value, which means that you too secure used bikes and e-bikes they can. Particularly lucrative for you: Bikmo not only takes into account the purchase price when calculating the fees, but the original purchase price is always used when calculating the amount of damage. Due your e-bike does not lose value in terms of compensation.

Instead of reviewing insurance quotes and fine print, you can apply online in a snap using Bikmo’s insurance calculator. In seconds you know how much you are paying and in a few minutes your e-bike is insured.

You also save 5% when contracting the insurance:

  1. Calculate your offer via our action link
  2. Choose between the basic “Go” offer or the comprehensive “Plus” protection. 5% discount
  3. Register and confirm the insurance with your payment

The insurance process only takes a few minutes if you have your electric bike model name and new price in mind.

Bikmo electric bike insurance - eBikeNews

Insure various e-bikes and bicycles

If you or your household want to insure several bicycles and electric bicycles, you benefit from additional discounts. You get on the cheapest e-bike or bicycle automatically 50 percent discount accredited

You can even secure bike boxes or trailers at a reduced price. An example calculation for electric bicycles in the Munich area (postcode 80331) shows that combined offers are particularly valuable:

  • Protection for 1x e-bike €2,500 = €70.08/year or €6.02/month
  • Protection for 1x e-bike €2,500 + 1x e-bike €2,500 = €105.12/year or €9.03/month

For less than ten euros per month you may secure two e-bikes including accessories. Damage from falls, vandalism or theft are still annoying, but financially they are a trifle with Bikmo insurance.

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