Booster seat in the car: everything you need to know

Vacation rental cars are scarce and expensive this year. The reason for this is the reduction in vehicle quotas during the pandemic, which cannot now be fully increased due to supply bottlenecks from automakers. Despite the price increase, ADAC advises car rental companies not to rely on the first attractive offers when comparing prices, but to compare general packages before booking.

  • Real Comprehensive Protection Matters

  • Avoid hassles and cost traps

  • Bring your booking documents with you

so that when dream car none for the holidays rude awakening If you have damage, for example, or have expensive additional packages imposed on you locally, the ADAC car rental company provides you with a car rental service. Tips for tourists to be safe and not fall into expensive traps:

Tip 1: contractual partners when renting a car

The rental contract is not made with online portals, but always directly with the owner on site closed. Therefore, complaints should generally be made directly to the landlord. The functions of the portal are merely the search for the cheapest. Pricethe comparison of different offers and the mediation from the client to the lessor. the ADAC car rental is always the best for your customers first point of contact and a half in case of complaints.

Tip 2: What insurance for the rental car?

Many price comparison portals offer independent insurance in. These are independent of the contract concluded with the lessor. In case of damage, then Complicated. The client must, for example, first advance the franchise to the lessor on site, which in technical terms means “obligation to advance”. After that, all receipts must be sent to the broker so that the broker can initiate a refund. Processing can take some time, and not just in high season.

Tip 3: Carefree complete package with genuine comprehensive insurance

With ADAC car rental this is, as the only exception, different. Here there is always a“real” comprehensive insurance without excess directly from the owner. In the event of a claim, the client does not have to worry about anything and does not have to advance anything. This difference between the insurance offers is not usually recognizable at a glance on the portals, but is only found in the general terms and conditions, which the client must study carefully.

Often attempts are made to sell additional insurance packages at the holiday destination. Since the client has normally contracted insurance with the intermediary and not with the landlord, then he tries to sell “his” insurance at the holiday destination. Therefore, the client owes his have reservation documents with youto check the status of your insurance.

Tip 4: Book a vacation rental car in Germany

If you book your rental car in advance with a German rental company or an agent such as ADAC car rental, you do not have to struggle with the often incomprehensible contract conditions on the site. At the end of the rental car reservation, the Total price with all insurance and taxes be expelled. If this is not the case, the renter must take out the insurance on site, sometimes with high additional costs. calculate.

Tip 5: What vehicle categories exist?

Car rental companies usually only guarantee a certain group of vehicles. The model shown in the booking process is just an example, the so-called “Acriss Code” is decisive for the comparability of the vehicles. This code is an internationally standardized system that provides customers with the reserved vehicle classcertain characteristics and properties of the equipment.

If the reserved category is not available on the site, the owner usually offers a free upgrade to a higher category. However, with proprietary upgrade offers, you should always check to see if it really is a free upgrade. Upgrades actively offered by the lessor are often paid for. Here it is always advisable, especially in the case of foreign language owners, to explain the costs in detail and check that they coincide with the additional costs indicated in the rental agreement. With the client’s signature, these Additional costs then also confirmed.

Tip 6: Beware of cost traps!

unlimited kilometers are standard for ADAC car rental abroad. If this is not the case with other providers, tourists should estimate in advance how many kilometers they are likely to drive. If you exceed the included kilometers, it is usually disproportionately expensive.

  • A rental day is 24 hours. If you exceed this period by just a few minutes, you will usually be charged for another full day.

  • “Full to full” tank control is optimal. Collection with full tank and return with full tank. This means that excessive flat fuel rates can sometimes be avoided and tourists only pay for the fuel actually used at normal petrol station prices. If you want to be sure, fill it out directly before returning the vehicle and present the receipt when requested.

  • Additional features such as child seats or navigation devices should definitely be reserved in advance so that you do not end up without the desired equipment on site. Provider costs often differ significantly; for example, a child seat for a week in Mallorca costs between 50 and 80 euros in high season. The initially cheapest rental car provider may suddenly be more expensive than the previous second or third cheapest offer due to reserved extras.

  • Vehicle delivery: When picking up the vehicle, close attention should be paid to previous damage. If these are not noted in the delivery protocol, the tenant must insist that they be entered. Also, when returning the vehicle, the renter must insist that the vehicle be checked in their presence for damage and that the result be recorded in writing.

  • To be protected in case of major and minor accidents, it is generally advisable to have one Comprehensive insurance with protection against theft without excess – the sum insured for liability must be at least one million euros. In any case, the windows, rims and tires must also be insured, because this is where damage is most common.

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