Can cyber insurance companies withstand local attacks from Russian hackers?

Electronic processes have become indispensable in commerce. This increases dependency on IT failures. Cyber ​​insurance promises financial and active help in an emergency.

Given the war in ukraine escalates worried that russian hackers local businesses too add on the net. the Insurers are alarmed. It is said that some providers already have the War exclusion clause they want to shoot because the risk is too high for them real estate agents. What do those reports have?

Special vigilance is required

The German authorities expect increase in hacker attacks and guess german companies and its employees special surveillance. with a call cyber insurance many feel somewhat protected. Is this possibly a fallacybecause the events of war in Insurance policies are generally excluded?

Deutsches Handwerksblatt investigated this question in the context of the Russian war against Ukraine. The conclusion in advance: the Evaluations Differthe end result is likely to be but most policies resist war.

As always, the devil is in the details.

The friction point is at the Usual war exclusion in fine printclauses. They basically say that Damages caused by uninsured “war and acts of war” are. So far, so clear. “Individual insurers have already announced that they consider the war exclusion clause to be applicable in relation to the war in Ukraine,” he noted. Dennis Wrana, Product Manager Cyber ​​​​at the specialized broker Finlex: “An attack by Russian hackers on German companies would not be warranted with such an interpretation,” he says. “However, the vision of the insurers is not convincing”, the specialist broker is convinced.

Insurers cannot pass with arguments

also be Finlex colleague and boss, legal and claims expert, Marcel Straub is skeptical about whether insurers with the invoking the war clause go through he has before the war in Ukraine such attempts by observed insurers. But: “This argument did not work, because in attacks there was regularly a lack of directed action by an attacking state. Furthermore, the prevailing view is that exclusion from war relates primarily to physical acts of war.” Experts think so of that while Germany is not at war with Russia. located, the classic war exclusion clause It can not be used especially when the attacks by non-governmental hacking groups he left. Insurers would first have to prove otherwise.

in possibly years of litigation has of course hardly anyone wants. This is particularly the case with cyber attacks. quick help in. They often ask Cyber ​​Attacker Rescueto lift the IT shutdown again. The good news: bailouts are today easily insurable. Earlier this was considered morally reprehensible Y incompatible with applicable insurance laws. However, in acute cases it is likely that payment problems come. For example, insurers can then pay nothingif he or he Hackers on a sanctions list stay.

Insurers are becoming cautious

Insurance protection consists of insurance basically only to the extent that none in the contractual parties directly applicable economic, commercial or financial sanctions or embargoes of the EU or the Federal Republic of Germany to oppose to. point to that Regina Schulz, member of the management of the insurance broker Gossler, Gobert and Wolters (GGW) over there. This also applies to economic, commercial or financial sanctions and embargoes of the United States, insofar as this does not conflict with the legal provisions of the EU or the Federal Republic of Germany. Uninsured they are in the usually hurts due to the shutdown of telecommunications and data networks by government agencies, as reported by GGW on March 4, 2022 on its home page.

With other insurance look at it even darker outside. so they have it hermes government guarantees I already closed the faucet. the private credit insurer are not less careful and take until further notice no new risks more in. even the transport insurancethat differ from other insurance companies through the minimal risk aversion and even War risks expressly includedclose the bulkheads – at least for political risks in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

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