Car Cost Comparison: Cheapest Cars to Keep in 2022

How much does car insurance cost?

a typical one Small car insurance costs less than 1,000 euros a year, while powerful luxury cars can cost more than 3,000 euros a year. Classic cars can be insured for civil liability from around 50 euros a year. In general, less powerful small cars with statistically few crash involvements or older used cars have an advantagefor which the insurance companies calculate the replacement value and the lower repair costs.

This is how insurers determine the amount of premiums

Insurance company online calculators can be used to determine exactly how much car insurance costs for a car for each type of vehicle. In general, the following factors play a role in insurance costs:

  • No Claims Classes (SF Classes): Insurance companies calculate civil liability and all-risk insurance premiums according to the category of personal claims. This ranges from beginner SF class 0 to SF class 50. Those who drive without accidents are promoted to the SF class and their bonus for no accidents increases. The higher the no-claims class, the cheaper the auto insurance. If you have to claim insurance, for example after an accident, you can also be downgraded to a worse SF class.

  • regional classes: The amount of insurance premiums also depends on where the car is registered. Because insurers determine the regional frequency of accidents each year and divide the liability into classes 1 to 12, while there are classes 1 to 16 in partial all-risk insurance and classes 1 to 9 in all-risk insurance. The lower the class rating, the cheaper the rates.

  • type classes: Insurance companies annually determine a statistical balance of losses for each model. This takes into account the frequency of accidents, the average cost of repairs and the new value of a model. Older used cars and cheap small cars often benefit from a lower type class, while large, powerful cars and SUVs tend to rank higher. The lower the type class, the cheaper the auto insurance.

So you can save on car insurance

Choosing a smaller car with less horsepower can lower auto insurance premiums. If you want to save even more, you can agree on additional items in the contractthat adapt to the personal profile. This is how car insurance is cheaper when

  • one for partial integral or integral excess about 300 or 500 euros are agreed
  • little driver one low annual mileage agree about 5,000 kilometers
  • the car in one lockable garage parked
  • only the policyholder drive by car
  • the policyholder certain professional group how to belong to civil servants
  • no person under the age of 25 allowed to drive.

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