Car insurance: Stromer often cheaper than combustion engines

There is no way to avoid the electric car in the long term. More and more people are switching because it is now cheap to buy thanks to purchase premiums and electricity costs less than gasoline. However, the savings potential compared to the combustion engine has not yet been exhausted. The comparison portal Check24 came to this conclusion in a current study. Based on this, owners of a Stromer often get much cheaper vehicle insurance than those who continue to chug through world history on gasoline or diesel.

Based on example calculations, experts stated that car insurance for an electric car can be up to 42 percent cheaper than for a combustion engine. According to this, comprehensive insurance for the electric BMW i3/i3s, including battery protection for individual users from the five cheapest providers, costs an average of 244 euros per year. The more or less equal combustion engine BMW 220i Active Tourer, on the other hand, has an average annual fee of 400 euros. This corresponds to a difference of 38.9 percent.

finnish electric car

E-cars in the car subscription: the practical alternative

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On average about two percent price advantage

The situation is similar with the all-electric Kia e-Soul when a family uses it as a second car. Compared to the similarly positioned combustion engine Kia Sorento 2.2 CRDi, there is an average of 288 euros or 41.7 per cent less insurance costs per year. Both examples are very specific use cases. Overall, however, Check24 compared 29 electric models with a comparable combustion engine. In 17 cases, single users were able to insure the Stromer more cheaply, and for families it was even 19. An average savings of two percent was realized across all applications and models.

Experts recommend always insuring electric cars with comprehensive insurance that includes battery protection, since repairs in general and those of the electricity accumulator in particular can be very expensive. Due to the poor repairability of electric cars and the associated high workshop costs, Check24 expects that insurance prices may rise in the long term. So it’s not clear how long electric cars will remain at the forefront in terms of price in this area.

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