Carpooling: Scales are not insured

In principle, employees are legally insured against accidents if they are part of a shared ride to work. But even a stop at the bakery or a short detour can jeopardize protection. What conditions must be applied for the insurance to take effect.

Woman and man in the car, woman holding cups of coffee from the passenger window.
Shared transportation to work is covered by compulsory accident insurance. – © zinkevych –

Fuel prices have increased considerably. A way to save money on the way to work: colleagues form a shared car and share the costs of gasoline, diesel, etc. You also don’t have to worry about insurance coverage: because Shared vehicles are protected by accident insurance. The trade association for energy, textile and electronic media products (BG ETEM) points this out in an online article in its magazine “etem”.

Insurance protection applies even to irregular trips

According to this, members of car pools are also legally insured against accidents if they do not start together from a meeting point. In addition, the carpool does not have to travel to work together every day: carpools that do not take place regularly are also insured.

According to BG ETEM, the insurance covers picking up individual passengers from their home and dropping them off at different places of work and residence. The order should always be selected so that the route traveled is not unnecessarily extended. The route does not have to be the shortest in terms of distance, but rather the most comfortable. Anyone who wants to avoid a traffic jam and therefore does not choose the shortest route does not jeopardize insurance coverage.

Children of working parents are also insured as passengers

However, the fact that all passengers have compulsory accident insurance is a prerequisite for insurance coverage. Working parents who drop off their children and their friends on the way to work from school or daycare also form a group of vehicles insured against accidents, according to the BG ETEM. However, if an accident occurs, the responsible statutory accident insurance institutions must be informed. For schoolchildren, for example, this is the regional accident insurance.

In these cases, carpooling is not insured

However, there are cases where insurance coverage does not apply. will be the Trip interrupted for a private reason or made a detour, for example, for a stop at the bakery, the insurance coverage expires. According to the trade association, it only starts again when the original path to the finish line is resumed.

After an accident, the professional association takes care of all the costs of medical care and rehabilitation. These included, among other things, injury and transitory benefits or a pension in case of permanent damage to health. new

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