CEO of Axa: “Refugees do not have to worry about insurance”

Of “Mental Health Report 2022” is a study of Axa Seguros. For the second time, 1,000 people between the ages of 18 and 75 in Germany were surveyed online in September and October. According to its own statement, the report aims to make “a scientific contribution to the consideration of mental illness.”

Keyword Boss Role: What was it like taking on the top position in the midst of the crisis?

I know the Axa very well and also for a long time. For me, people are the most important thing in a company, and during the home office period I realized once again how important it is to maintain these connections. On the one hand, I tried to talk as openly as possible about my feelings, and on the other hand, organize events together, like our online puzzle tournament. That sounds mundane, but laughing together sometimes goes a long way.

What have you learned during this time?

I need to invest in my employees and take the time every day to talk to them or even answer any questions they have via email. We spend so much of our lives at work that the workplace should be more than just the sender of the monthly salary transfer.

What makes a good employer in 2022?

First of all, leadership must be human, open, honest and authentic. So it has to be a workplace where employees can contribute themselves. And then you need flexibility.

What do you mean by flexibility?

Employers must adapt to the different realities of their employees’ lives, and it’s not just about childcare. It doesn’t have to make any difference if an employee wants to care for children, family members in need of care, or his hobby as a football coach. Therefore, we offered the home office even before Corona, and now we have extended our main working hours. As a result, our employees have many more opportunities to get their work done when it’s easy for them to organize.

Doesn’t that have to start at the managerial level?

Definitive! We try to set an example on our board of directors. Several board members have young children, we allow paternity leave on the board, three out of eight board members are women, and two board members come from other industries. For me, all this constitutes the necessary heterogeneity.

What do you think of a 50:50 split in management positions?

I can imagine it, even if we haven’t had a case like this before. If we as a company resist such changes, we lose people who could help us move forward. That would also be economically wrong.

And you personally? How was childcare during Corona?

My children are 12 and 15 years old, so there is not much childcare anymore, but at the beginning of Corona, homeschooling was particularly challenging for the little ones. My wife took care of a lot, I helped with math and science questions because I was particularly interested in these subjects when I was in school. In the evening we sit down as a family and exchange ideas.

Does that mean your wife is not currently working?


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