Change in civil liability insurance: the dortmundistas now have to pay properly

If you have a car, you also have to pay for insurance. For the inhabitants of Dortmund, the costs could increase next year.

Dortmund: Motor vehicle liability insurance costs are recalculated every year. This is partly due to the damage balances of the cities. Where there are fewer accidents, costs go down. If the number of accidents in a place increases, so do insurance prices. Dortmund are not doing well for next year.

organization General Association of the German Insurance Industry
President Wolfgang Weiler
establishment May 2011

Car insurance is getting expensive: more accidents in many NRW cities

Every year, the General Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV) analyzes where in Germany the risk of accidents is high and where it is low. The admissions districts are then divided into so-called regional classes. More recently, Coesfeld drivers suffered less damage to their cars in NRW. The food is the worst.

This year, however, not only were damage balances calculated, but the entire system was revised. The regional classes reorganized for this. The goal is for the classes to group together cities that are responsible for a similar amount of damage as much as possible. The result should not make many drivers happy.

2.5 million drivers in North Rhine-Westphalia have to adjust to car insurance price increases

Due to the new regulation, 2.5 million drivers in NRW are worse off in terms of risk assessment. Therefore, the people of Dortmund must be willing to pay more for car insurance. These cities in the Ruhr area were downgraded.

  • Bottrop
  • dormund
  • Duisburg
  • Hamm

Auto liability insurance is getting more expensive – only Düsseldorf is happy

Münster, Leverkusen, Krefeld and Bielefeld are also worse off than before. For Unna, on the other hand, nothing has changed, just like for the Ennepe-Ruhr district. Düsseldorf is the only city in North Rhine-Westphalia that has better risk assessments for drivers. According to ADAC, regional classes can determine the insurance premium (more NRW news at RUHR24).

A relatively large number of accidents have occurred in NRW. This is why millions of drivers are rated lower by the insurance company.

© Photo: Oliver Schaper/Imago

A total of 10 million drivers in Germany can expect cheaper quotes; more than 5 million will probably have to pay extra due to the revised system, as ADAC writes. Almost half of them come from NRW. This also means that the federal state is not doing well compared to Germany.

It’s not yet clear what the new price classification will mean for motorists in 2023, because other factors also have an impact on insurance costs. In Dortmund, Tempo 30 zones are currently being discussed, also to reduce accidents.

List of rubrics: © rolf kremming/Imago

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