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56 percent of decision makers and co-insurers have thought about taking out insurance at least once in the last two years. This was the result of the Sirius Campus insurance client monitor. 40.3 percent of those surveyed concluded a contract. Therefore, the completion or success rate is 72 percent.

About a third of the decision-making processes examined involved auto insurance, followed by travel insurance (10 percent) and personal liability insurance (8 percent). The researchers found significant differences in the completion rate. Motor vehicle insurance has an above-average success rate: 82 percent of all decision-making processes ended with a conclusion. Interest in travel insurance, on the other hand, often goes nowhere: only one in two interested parties signs a contract.

According to the study, contact with an insurance intermediary generates particularly high closing rates, regardless of whether it is a representative, broker or consultant in a business such as a travel agency or car dealership. 83 percent of degree seekers who received personal on-site counseling ultimately also took out insurance.

The insurer’s online customer portal also performs surprisingly well: 79 percent of those who obtain information through an insurer’s online customer portal ultimately sign a contract.

Check24 has almost a monopoly position

The importance of comparison portals such as Check24 or Verivox has increased significantly in the last ten years. This not only affects the role of comparison portals in the search for information, but also the use of the information found there. Now there are 55 percent of clients who negotiate more favorable conditions with their insurer according to the results of the comparison portals; in 2012, this proportion was only 22 percent.

The market leader among comparison portals, Check24, was able to significantly expand its supremacy compared to 2012. 87 percent of users of comparison portals are now also on Check24, ten years ago it was “only” 48 percent. hundred. “Check24 has a near monopoly position in the insurance industry,” says Sirius Campus.

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