Criminal complaint against Mecklenburgische Versicherung for suspected fraud

The office of Dr. Stoll & Sauer has taken legal action against Mecklenburg Insurance Company. From the point of view of the law firm, the legal protection insurer intentionally refuses to assume the costs of the process for the diesel emissions scandal at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). The insurance company refuses to cover the costs, claiming that there is no chance of success. Dr However, Stoll & Sauer has already won the first consumer-friendly lawsuits against FCA. Dr On December 6, 2021, Stoll & Sauer filed a criminal complaint against the insurer with the public prosecutor’s office in Hannover. The law firm sees the best opportunity for compensation consumers in the Fiat scandal, which is currently affecting the mobile home industry, and advises those affected to seek legal advice at the free online check. The law firm is one of the leaders in the emissions scandal. The owners represent the Federation of Consumer Organizations in the model declaratory action against Daimler AG.

Dr Stoll & Sauer initiates research at Bafin

The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA/now Stellantis) emissions scandal hit the burgeoning mobile home industry in particular. Expensive RVs are often equipped with Fiat and Iveco base vehicles. The engines only meet the legal emission limit values ​​on the test bench and not in normal road traffic. Emission control turns off with a primitive clock after about 22 minutes. The test on the rolling stand lasts about 20 minutes. The scandal has been simmering since 2015, when investigations into Fiat began in the United States. The Frankfurt public prosecutor’s office has been investigating the car company since 2020. Expert reports from the German Environmental Aid (DUH) and the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) confirm the long-standing suspicion of exhaust gas manipulation. The KBA is currently examining how the mobile homes can be brought back to a legally compliant condition. Dr Stoll & Sauer has already filed more than 1,000 consumer lawsuits and achieved the first favorable consumer verdicts.

However, the Mecklenburg Insurance Company leaves all this blank. It unanimously rejects its clients’ requests for coverage on the grounds that there is no prospect of success. This has nothing to do with reality. Legal protection insurance wants to save costs at the expense of the insurer. From the point of view of Dr. Stoll & Sauer on a manifestly illegal action, which is being carried out as planned. For this reason, the consumer law firm asked the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) in Bonn in a letter dated December 6, 2021 to launch investigations against the Mecklenburgische. Also, the insurance company is sued for a statement of coverage. In addition, the law firm has filed a criminal complaint with the Hannover public prosecutor’s office. There is an attempted fraud against clients of the law firm. The insurance company pretends that it does not have to provide any services and refuses to cover the costs at a flat rate. It is noted that the cover letter can be sued. The insurer expects its clients not to sue at their own risk. Therefore, she takes advantage of her position and flatly rejects all requests for coverage in the Fiat cases for no plausible reason.

Consumer-friendly development in Fiat emissions scandal

To Dr. Stoll & Sauer’s office, however, is different from what the insurance company claims, the burden of proof in the WoMo emissions scandal against Fiat Chrysler is now overwhelming. The events through 2020 alone should be enough for FCA to be doomed. The law firm has already filed more than 1,000 lawsuits against FCA, Iveco and vehicle dealers across the country. Anyone who gets the idea that lawsuits have no chance of success in this context is arguing dubious. Here is a brief summary of the latest developments of 2021:

  • The office of Dr. Stoll & Sauer has won several favorable consumer lawsuits in the first instance. The sentences are not final. Some proceedings are on appeal to the higher regional courts.
  • The Nuremberg District Court ruled on July 9, 2021 that Stellantis Holding is the legal successor to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) (Az. 19 O 737/21). Stellantis was formed earlier this year through the merger of FCA and the French group PSA. This can also be used to sue Stellantis.
  • On August 17, 2021, the Stade Regional Court ordered the seller of a mobile home to pay damages because the vehicle was defective (Az. 2 O 175/21). The owner can keep his vehicle with the so-called small compensation. Dr Stoll & Sauer had won small compensation in the Federal Court of Justice in the VW case.
  • On September 2, 2021, the district court of Oldenburg ordered the redelivery of a defect-free motorhome (Az. 4 O 767/21). If a new vehicle is under the two-year warranty, the dealer is usually sued in addition to FCA/Stellantis. The Federal Court of Justice had confirmed the form of the new installment in the VW emissions scandal.
  • The Münster district court wants information from the KBA about the status of investigations by the registration authority.
  • The Kempten District Court offers the possibility of obtaining an expert opinion if FCA/Stellantis denies the accusations of tampering with exhaust gases. Dr. Stoll & Sauer calmly met. Several expert opinions currently point out that mobile homes only meet the emission limit values ​​in the test bed.
  • In the Flensburg District Court, the fourth civil chamber sees strong evidence of an illegal defeat device in the Fiat engine. The court probably does not want to accept the motor protection argument in a first statement (Az. 4 O 232/21).
  • The Saarbrücken district court has obtained an expert opinion on the mobile home Columbus 640E from Westfalia. Emissions of nitrogen oxides must be controlled (Az. 12 O 18/21).
  • In February 2021, the KBA issued a recall of the Iveco Motor Daily, but not mandatory. “Unsuitable software can cause interruptions that can worsen the reduction of nitrogen oxides,” says KBA-Deutsch. The Daily has been installed in many mobile homes.
  • The office of Dr. Stoll & Sauer has information that the Frankfurt prosecutor’s office is “officially aware” that Fiat engines have been tampered with.
  • The KBA has determined through its own investigations that mobile homes do not comply with the emission limit values ​​in actual road traffic. Therefore, the authority is currently examining the consequences. In accordance with EU law, the KBA even has the option of shutting down the affected vehicles.
  • Meanwhile, mobile home dealers are trying to settle out of court with aggrieved customers.

For the practice of Dr. Stoll & Sauer has made great progress with the legal prosecution of the emissions scandal at FCA/Stellantis. As a result, the possibilities of compensation have increased enormously. Therefore, the law firm advises consumers affected by the emissions scandal to seek legal advice. Victims must go through the Consequences and effects of the emissions scandal with huge monetary losses fight: You face driving bans, closures, and loss of value if you don’t pursue claims in court on time. Consumers must initiate an individual action. According to the current jurisprudence, the possibilities are very good. In the free online verification, you can find the right way out of the diesel scandal. We examine your specific case and give you an initial assessment before agreeing to class action against the automaker.

Dr Stoll & Sauer leads model declaratory action against Daimler

In the office of Dr. Stoll & Sauer Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH is one of the leading emission scandal law firms. The law firm specializes in banking and capital markets law, among other things, and has filed more than 10,000 lawsuits against banks and fund companies. More than 5,000 consumers were advised and represented on the right of withdrawal in loan contracts. In addition, the law firm is conducting more than 20,000 court proceedings in the exhaust gas scandal against manufacturers, distributors and the Federal Republic of Germany across the country, having already won thousands of positive judgments and concluded more than 10,000 settlements. in favor of consumers.

In the renowned JUVE Manual 2017/2018, 2018/2019 and 2019/2020, the law firm is especially recommended for the area of ​​capital investment processes (investors) in the category of conflict resolution – dispute resolution, dispute resolution, corporate law. Shareholders Dr. Ralf Stoll and Ralph Sauer also brought the model declaratory action against Volkswagen AG for the German Consumer Association (vzbv) in RUSS Litigation Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH legal history. The owners of a special company are currently pursuing the model declaratory action against Daimler AG. In the JUVE 2019/2020 Manual, the law firm is mentioned as a market leader for its competence in managing massive processes.

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