Crown recognized for the first time for incapacity for work

Crown recognized for the first time for incapacity for work

For the first time, the insurance group Debeka also reports Corona as a reason for a recognized incapacity for work combined with a disability pension.

“We had the first six cases in 2021, so we paid,” chief executive Thomas Brahm said at the German Press Agency headquarters in Koblenz. According to Debeka, she is the fourth largest life insurer in Germany with 451,000 people insured against disability.

According to Brahm, a Covid-19 infection and its consequences are only recognized as a reason for incapacity for work with a time lag: In the case of longer illnesses, for example, wage replacement benefits are paid first. In addition, according to Debeka, “shortly after the outbreak of the pandemic, a medical prognosis of incapacity for work of at least six months was lacking.” According to Brahm, the crown as a recognized reason for this could become more common: “That may still be underestimated. Long and post-Covid will put even more pressure on social systems anyway.”

A Covid-19 infection can also lead to mental illness. “Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference,” explained Debeka’s CEO. According to Debeka data, mental illness remains by far the leading cause of work disability: in 2021, this accounted for about 45 percent of the roughly 950 new benefit cases. As the second main reason for disability, Debeka, with traditionally many civil servants, cited among its insured tumors such as cancer and the third most common cause was problems of the musculoskeletal system such as the back and joints.

The General Manager of the Association of
The German insurance industry (GDV) in Berlin, Jörg Asmussen, told dpa: “Corona disease is not a general reason for exclusion from disability insurance payment. If an insured person is unable to work due to the consequences In the long term from an infection with Covid-19 or vaccination damage, the insurance company will pay without but the months can only work 50 percent or less. According to Asmussen, even with a new work disability insurance contract, Covid-19 is treated like other previous illnesses during the health check.



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