Cyberattack on the Internet: Cyberpolice as protection

Sedan. Whether to buy, learn, inform or entertain, today hardly anyone can do without the Internet. However, the online world not only offers limitless opportunities, it also harbors dangers: scammers steal online passwords, order products under false identities, spread viruses, or damage reputations with defamatory posts.

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In fact, according to a survey by IT association Bitkom, many people feel threatened by Internet crime: 94 percent say the threat posed by Internet criminals is growing. Not only is concern growing, but so is the actual encounter with Internet crime incidents: 61 percent of Internet users have recently had similar experiences. In 2019 it was still 55 percent.

services differ

The consequences of a successful attack can be serious. To protect against various risks, insurers offer cyber policies, special cover letters or add-on modules.

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According to Stiftung Warentest, the providers promise to compensate for damages caused by Internet crimes, for example after hacker attacks or virus attacks. Fees sometimes also include ransom or recovery of lost data. The service may also include searching for stolen data on the so-called dark web, a hidden part of the network.

Material damage after buying from a fake online store

The policy can also provide the following: Suppose someone shops at fraudulent online stores, pays their bill, but never receives the merchandise. “The damages are replaced by the insurance companies, often even up to five-digit amounts,” says Anja Käfer-Rohrbach, deputy managing director of the German Insurance Association (GDV) in Berlin.

According to them, cyber insurance can also step in if criminals raid an insured person’s account after they mistakenly disclosed their login details via a phishing email.

Cybercrime risk: how to stay safe online

There are many dangers that lurk when browsing the Internet. In the video you can see the best tips for safe internet use.

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Help with expired claims

A policy can also help with copyright infringement. If someone inadvertently uploads a protected photo to an internet platform or posts a known image, this may result in a warning letter. “But the rights holders’ demands are sometimes exaggerated,” says Käfer-Rohrbach.

When you are being bullied online, you often need professional and fast help. “An insurer can provide this, for example, by offering acute psychological help over the phone and instructing specialists to remove Internet content,” says Käfer-Rohrbach.

Other insurance companies can also help

But not everyone online needs to take out cyber insurance. “Such a policy makes sense for companies that want to protect their business operations,” says Sandra Klug of the Hamburg consumer advisory center. For consumers, it is important to first check whether existing insurance policies offer sufficient protection.

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“Liability insurance, for example, covers claims for damage after viruses have gone unnoticed,” explains Anja Käfer-Rohrbach. Sandra Klug is also referring to home contents insurance. Some providers, but not all, have a clause that promises help in data rescue or in case of financial loss after bank data theft.

The consumer ombudsman advises, depending on your own behavior, to update your existing insurance or take out civil liability or home insurance. Legal protection insurance can also help in legal disputes.


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