Danger due to tick bite: expert advises to consult insurance

Ticks can carry diseases like Lyme disease. Insurers classify the bite as an accident. An expert explains what to watch out for.

With the increase in temperatures, the desire to go for a walk in the forest also increases. Back home, sometimes there can be an unpleasant surprise: a tick has bitten. Is this an insurance case? An insurance expert from Oberhausen explains it.

A tick bite is also considered an accident if the private accident insurance is based on the latest conditions, says Ingo Aulbach, spokesman for the district of Essen, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Oberhausen at the Federal Association of German Insurance Traders (BVK ). However, the conversion of old contracts to newer conditions is not done automatically. You have to ask for it if you want better financial protection.

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Most insurers stick to the old definition of accident

Most insurers have so far stuck to the traditional definition of an accident, according to which a “sudden and unavoidable external event” is a prerequisite for a recognized accident, says Aulbach. An initially unnoticed tick bite does not count as such. The result: neither in bacterial infection Lyme disease nor in tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) nor in myelitis (spinal cord disease), the three possible consequences of infected tick bites, there is so far the money agreed for an accident. According to Aulbach, the insured person would wait in vain for daily hospital benefits, financial compensation or a pension.

The insurance expert recommends that anyone who considers this financial protection important should request that the contract be changed to new conditions. After all, infections with lifelong consequences could force major and costly lifestyle changes. Families in particular should make sure their accident insurance policies also list tick bites as accidents in their insurance coverage. Insured persons must also check their contracts for the inclusion of so-called assistance services. These include home help and services when you have been so seriously injured as a result of an accident that you are unable to perform everyday tasks for yourself.

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