Death in the family: what relatives should take into account when taking out insurance

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Death in the family: what relatives should take into account when taking out insurance

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  • Personal – these insurances end automatically with death
  • Related to topic: These insurances initially continue after death
  • Less effort: these tips can save you unnecessary work

The death of a family member is always a drastic event that imposes a strong emotional burden on the closest relatives in particular. It is not surprising that many relatives – mostly the spouse or children – are overwhelmed by the procedures and obligations that now inevitably arise. Especially with insurance contracts, there are deadlines that must be observed. The experts from Deutsche Vermögensberatung (DVAG) therefore explain what to look for here.

What insurance ends in case of death? Personal insurance ends with the death of the insured. These include life, disability, health and accident insurance. No explicit termination is necessary with such insurance. However, insurance companies still need to be informed; suspend contribution payments and receive any benefits paid. Many insurance companies require a copy of the death certificate. Only the spouse, people who were directly related to the deceased person or those who prove a legal interest receive it. By the way: if no beneficiary has been defined in the insurance policies, this sum falls into the inheritance and passes to the heirs.

What insurance continues? Property insurance policies generally continue after death. That’s because protection is not about the person, it’s about a thing. Best example: the car. If it is no longer needed, you must first unsubscribe. Only then can the insurance be terminated, there is no extraordinary right of termination. With household insurance, the insurance relationship ends two months after death if an heir does not use the home in the same way as the previous policyholder at that time at the latest. The first question that arises when it comes to civil liability insurance is whether it is an individual contract or family insurance. A contract for an individual ends with his death. Contributions paid will be reimbursed proportionally. It is important to immediately notify the insurer of the death. Cause: The refund amount is also calculated on the day of the report. The situation is different with family liability insurance. Insurance protection exists until the next premium is due. If a co-insured person later pays the premium, that person is the new policy owner.

How can I take precautions? A conversation with an expert, for example an investment adviser, can clarify open questions beforehand. It may also make sense to have a general power of attorney issued with the help of a notary at an early stage, which is also valid after death. When in doubt: Better pick up the phone and ask. The following tips may also be helpful:

o Bank statements (for the last twelve months) help to get an overview of which insurance companies have been debited.

o A simple copy of the death certificate is usually enough for insurance companies to prove the death. Only compulsory pension insurance requires the original.

o Ideally, all insurance companies should be informed directly and immediately of the death. An email is enough for this. It is best to find out about the exact deadlines in advance. They can vary significantly depending on the insurance company.

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