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If you already have a fishing boat or other boat at home, you should insure it accordingly. Otherwise, your day of fishing can quickly turn into a bad mood and frustration due to an accident, big or small. We’ll tell you what you’re doing with it insurance should pay attention.

All about boat insurance

There are no official dutyto secure your boat. As a boat driver, you have to pay for every little damage without insurance pay yourself. This is stipulated by law in §823 BGB. Depending on what happened to your ship, the damage is hard to calculate in advance; however, damage claims can skyrocket if another ship is damaged.

To insure against damage, it makes sense to take out boat liability insurance. If you have a mooring for your boat, for example in a port or in a winter storage room, you need liability insurance; However, since private liability insurance does not cover many of the damages, boat liability insurance is often the best option. A distinction is made between boats with and boats without a motor. private liability insurance usually only covers Damage caused to human-powered watercraft such as canoes, kayaks, pedal boats, or pedal boats. Sailing or motor boats are not usually insured. In some countries such as Croatia or Italy, a civil liability insurance for boats is even requiredif you want to go here with a motor boat.

Boat insurance has three components that you can optionally hire. The first is the boat liability insurance, which pays for damages caused to third parties by the driver of the boat. As a general rule, your own sailing or motor boat must be insured with one of these. To insure damage to your own ship, you can helmet insurance to block. This is worth it if you have a ship with a very high value; Comparatively, comprehensive insurance is very expensive. A third component is Employer’s civil liability insurance, which is ideal for water sports enthusiasts who regularly rent or borrow boats. The insurance protects the driver of the boat against claims for damages from third parties. Before purchasing boat insurance, you should definitely compare different providers and see exactly which services are included and which ones you really need. Otherwise, you might as well check with your personal liability policy to see if through a Fee Extension your motorboat or sailboat could also be insured.

The choice of boat insurance

A leading insurance company for boat and yacht insurance it is Pantaenius. The advantage of insurance: You can take out the insurance in full adapt to your needs. For example, you as captain, your guests and also fishing accessories are covered. For example, for fishing boats that are classified as small boats, there is an economic insurance with an amount of 20,000 euros. If you own a motorboat, you can also take out the “Motorschutz Plus” insurance, which insures motors up to 10 years old.

If you want to filter directly by category, you can do this directly on the website, for example. You may distinguish between boat civil liability insurance, boat hull insurance, passenger accident insurance, machinery electronics insurance, legal protection insurance for water sports and yacht insurance. An offer will be calculated for you, based on, for example, the type of boat (powerboat or sailboat), engine power, special features and place of registration.

By type of insurance, policy benefits, and vessel size, value, and age the price variesthat you have to pay for boat insurance. average it is between 40 and 450 euros by year. The Penalty Catalog offers a boat insurance premium calculator, which you can use to calculate possible insurance premiums.


A have towhich stipulates that you must insure your boat or yacht, does not exist in Germany. However, since the costs of accidents or water damage can quickly become very high, it makes sense to check the contents of your own private liability insurance first. Damage to paddle boats, pedal boats, or rowboats is often included. Boat insurance is recommended to secure claims from third parties or your own motor boat; it is also mandatory in some countries, such as Italy or Spainhave boat insurance. Before purchasing insurance, you should consider several Compare and search providerswhat services are included.

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