Does insurance not pay? Accident with an electric car!

Getting into an accident with your car is bad enough, but with a hybrid or electric car it can mean insurance problems. The SWR describes what happened:

In late July 2021, a car belonging to the Eugen Gross Transportation Company crashed into a bridge pier. The car is a hybrid car with a high-voltage battery. These types of batteries are especially dangerous in cars with an electric drive, as they can ignite days after the accident. Therefore, for safety reasons, the car is stored and covered in the towing company’s yard.

insurance does not pay

The hybrid remained in the yard for a total of seven weeks. Towing and storage costs amount to more than 17,000 euros. The car is insured with Allianz. In the case of Eugen Gross, however, they only want to cover half of the expenses, since according to the insurance policy, parking fees are paid for a maximum of 14 days. The problem: There are no legal regulations!

SWR Marktcheck met with Michael Dzakovic, Managing Director of the Association of German Towing and Recovery Companies. He states that there are no legal regulations for the so-called quarantine period for a high-voltage vehicle and that it is customary in the industry to follow the manufacturer’s specifications. These usually indicate between three to ten days as a quarantine period. The towing company in charge in our case states that the precautions were taken in consultation with the manufacturer and the fire department. However, our investigation revealed that neither happened.

Accident car storage.

In addition to long downtimes, the type of storage is often a problem with damaged cars, as many companies do not have the necessary space or equipment. Additionally, quarantine areas must be approved by the district office. There are also, for example, special processes to minimize downtime. Here, the vehicles are checked by a technician after about five days, then the battery is removed and they are stored in special boxes so they can be transported safely. In Germany, however, hardly any companies invest in such a process. Very Important: When it comes to insurance coverage, make sure your car insurance also covers consequential costs like longer quarantine periods or battery disposal!

Author: Thorsten Link

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