Dog insurance: This is the best protection for your pet

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Dog insurance: This is the best protection for your pet

Poisonous plants for cats: How to protect your four-legged friends

Poisonous plants for cats: this is how you protect your four-legged friends

Do you love plants but have cats? So be careful, because there are many poisonous plants for cats. We clarify what they are.

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Is insurance for dogs, cats and horses worth it? That depends on the animal, says financial adviser Finanztip. A general vision.

Sedan. Germans love animals: in general 35 million pets live in private homes, plus 1.3 million privately owned horses. By the way, the best friend is not the dog, but the cat, at least in Germany. You can find them in every fourth home in this country, dogs only in every fifth. Rabbits, guinea pigs and parakeets follow him at a great distance.

For many, animals are part of the family. Caregivers want them to be well cared for and safe. And many wonder if they also love animals. secure should. The answer is: it depends a lot on the animal and the circumstances.

Pet Insurance: Pets must also have liability insurance

One thing is certain: if you have an animal, you also have to responsible for the damage who does it. Pets must also have liability insurance. But separate insurance is not always necessary. If the Persian cat scratches the parquet floor of the rented apartment or the dwarf rabbit bites the power cable, the owners do not need additional insurance, explains the Finanztip money guide.

Because for damage caused by small animals comes the normal personal responsibility in. It is different with small exotic animals like spiders, snakes or scorpions. For these, the owners need their own liability insurance, which is even compulsory in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Furthermore, the owners of such animals must ensure that the sure also takes care of the rescue. For example, when firefighters searched for days for the alligator Sammy, who had escaped into a quarry pond, the owner had to answer for it.

Dog insurance mandatory in some places

veterinary costs Owners of cats and other small animals do not need insurance. The risk of expensive treatment is low, animal health insurance costs are comparatively high. Usually not worth it.

Also, in many cases insurance companies pay nothing. If your pet has to go to the vet frequently, there is often no protection or too much high contributions. Therefore, it makes more sense to set aside a small amount each month for emergencies to save a small budget.

There is one in six federal states dog owner responsibility Mandatory for all dogs. In almost all other federal states there is an obligation at least for certain dogs. Only Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania does not do this at all.

Dog insurance always makes sense

However the responsibility actually, it always makes sense: if the dog gets loose and runs out into the street, it can quickly cause an accident, and the owner has to answer for the damages. This is particularly costly if people are also injured. Good dog owner liability protects against this, and it doesn’t even have to be expensive.

Good rates with reasonable minimum protection are already available for less than 50 euros per year. In this price range there are fares with a sufficiently high price sum assured (at least 10 million euros), protection against damage to the rented property (to buildings) or damage to the roof. They also intervene when the neighbor or the niece goes out with the dogs.

Provide a good overview of such fees. comparison portals Verivox and Mr-Money have been tested and recommended by Finanztip and with reservations. The financial advice guide explains what holders should consider when applying for a loan.

As with cats, it also makes more sense for dogs to save money for medical or surgical insurance, rather than save money for yourselves.

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Horse insurance: These rates are recommended

If you have horses, you don’t have to responsibility complete but should do better. Because horses can cause considerable damage if they trample a field or damage the rented stable. The insurance then intervenes for less than 70 euros per year.

Finanztip has examined the fees for horses. The result: the animal owner’s liability rate of the third party insurance company (sum insured 10 million euros) and the NV rate “Pferdepremium 3.0” (sum insured 15 million euros) are recommended.

Also the risk of a expensive surgery that devours more than 5,000 euros is higher for horses than for other domestic animals. Finanztip recommends two rates here: The Allianz “basic rate” for younger horses. And the “maximum rate” of Barmenia for the elderly. While insurance generally makes sense for older horses, it may be better for young animals up to ten years old to set aside money for surgeries.

This article is published in cooperation with The money guide for consumers is part of the Finanztip Foundation.


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