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Electric scooters should get you from A to B quickly without relying on schedules or a free parking space. But there are also some rules that must be observed when driving electric scooters.

by Claudio Maintz

Rental electric scooters should be an alternative to the car, especially for short distances. For example, on the way to Park-And-Ride-Platz, then take the S-Bahn further into the city. Or in the last mile of the city center, where parking spaces are scarce. However, according to studies, e-scooters mostly replace trails.

E-Scooter: Driver’s license is not required

Almost anyone can rent one of the small electric scooters or drive one they have purchased. However, there are some things to consider. The following rules apply to the use of e-scooters:

  • AN Driver’s license It is not mandatory, the minimum age is 14 years.
  • As a small electric vehicle, every e-scooter on the road needs one liability insurance as well as a insurance indicator.
  • You must circulate on cycle paths, bike lanes and bike lanes. If they are missing, the street road can be used. sidewalks are tabooas well as pedestrian zones or one-way streets against the direction of travel.
  • There is no helmet obligationbut head protection is urgently recommended by trauma surgeons and the ADAC.
  • The same applies alcohol limits As for the drivers. Anyone who drives with 0.5 to 1.09 per thousand and does not show alcohol-related anomalies commits an administrative offense and receives a fine: as a rule, this is 500 euros, a one-month driving ban and two points in Flensburg. From 1.1 per thousand it is even a criminal offence. Anyone who is still on probation with their driver’s license should be especially careful. 0.0 per thousand applies here.
  • Where the electric scooters park allowed, it is regulated differently from one city to another. Basic rule: Never in the middle of the sidewalk and never in a way that obstructs others. It is best to park next to existing bike racks.

Electric scooter rental companies are flooding cities, on purpose

The urban landscape is unimaginable without e-scooters, they can be found on almost every corner. But chaos is also part of the concept in a certain sense. Electric scooters must be an alternative to stops and fixed times and must therefore be ready for use anywhere and at any time of the day or night (“free-floating concept”). But that only works if the providers “flood” the cities.

Electric scooters are for people with disabilities and a problem

Especially people with visual and walking disabilities struggle with the excess of scooters. The Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Hamburg, for example, hangs “yellow cards” on the handlebars of scooters that are dangerous for the visually impaired.

Municipalities regulate e-scooters differently

The extent to which e-scooters can be regulated generally depends on whether the competent higher administrative court considers them to be for public use or not.

  • the Burger The Mobility and Transport Transition Authority, for example, reviews a Judicial sentence of 2009 on bicycle rental with destination, in the case of common use. Therefore, manufacturers could not be required to use special fees or impose night driving bans.
  • In North Rhine-Westphalia it’s so different – here the competent court denies the common use. The capital city Dusseldorf therefore, you can charge a fee of 50 euros per scooter to suppliers.
  • Bremen also refers to this decision – and assumes a special usage, just like Hanover.

However, cities are not completely powerless, regardless of judicial decisions: many cities have established zones near bodies of water, parks or in the city center together with providers in which the rental of e-rentals cannot be terminated. -scooter.

Cities impose fines

In Hamburg, not only has the number of scooters tripled from 2020 to 2021 (now around 17,500), but also the number of accidents (606). In the first three and a half months of this year, the authorities of the Hanseatic city wrote 1,500 reports and imposed around 44,000 euros in warnings and fines.

Electric scooter rental companies trust more and their own rules

Scooter rental companies have also recognized that too much uncontrolled growth or serious accidents damage the image. In many cities, therefore, a mobile phone photo must be taken and uploaded from the drop-off location.

Exercises against driving under the influence of alcohol on the e-scooter

To avoid driving under the influence of alcohol, some providers have integrated skills exercises into the rental application, which must be completed at night before renting. Those who have had too much to drink do poorly and in some cities walking is strongly recommended.

Beginner mode is designed to make driving safer

Some scooters have a beginner mode where you can only drive at 15 km/h instead of 20 km/h. And of course online driving schools where the most important rules are explained. Anyone who voluntarily wears a helmet gets free rides from some scooter companies if they upload a “proof photo”.

Before driving on the road: practice with the e-scooter

Experts advise doing a few laps on closed terrain before driving on public roads for the first time to get an idea of ​​the high center of gravity. For example on Sunday in an empty supermarket parking lot. Providers also organize training courses to ensure safe use of the e-scooter.

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